Wood Burned Dream Catcher Clock


Hi friends! I wish that I could stop time when I enter my studio. Unfortunately, I can’t control the passing of the hours, but I can make them look pretty. I created this dream catcher clock to hang in my craft space. I added a touch of whimsy to this design with wood burned stars, feathers, and a doily clock face. This fun decor piece comes together in almost no time at all!

Walnut Hollow Gallery Clock Face
Walnut Hollow Clock Movement – 3/8″ and Hands
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool
Walnut Hollow HotStamps Numbers & Symbol Set
Acrylic Paint
Cord (Multiple Colors)
Feathers (Multiple Colors)
Beads & Charms

Wood Burned Stars Clock Face by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

Step One: Use the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool and HotStamps to wood burn a star pattern around the edge of the clock face. Note: The Asterisk, Star, Tapered Point, and Star Outline (available with the HOTMARKS Tool) were used on this clock face.

Wood Burned Stars and Paint Wash Clock Face by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

Step Two: Use a dry paintbrush to add a light coat of acrylic paint to the clock face. Rub a wet paper towel over the clock face to remove the majority of the paint.

Doily Clock Face by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

Step Three: Use a hammer and nails to secure the doily to the clock face.

Dream Catcher Clock Face Closeup by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

Step Four: Tie colorful feathers and charms to cording. Tie the embellished cording to the nails and through the holes of the doily on the bottom third of the clock face. Cut a length of blue cording and weave it around the nails. Be creative! This clock face is 14″ across, which is plenty of space to add a fun mix of embellishments in a color palette that lets your personality shine.

Doily Clock Hands by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

Step Five: Add the clock movement to the clock face according to the package instructions. Note: If you’re a fun of a numbered clock face, Walnut Hollow has a fantastic selection of Faces and Numbers. Also, Walnut Hollow offers 3-Piece Clock Kits, that included clock movements, hands, and numbers.


Check out the Clock Making section of the Walnut Hollow Online Store. All HotStamps are on sale for a limited time, buy two get one free!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Dana Tatar
I’m currently living in Virginia with my husband and two daughters. I started paper crafting about 9 years ago and have expanded from scrapbooking and now create a little of everything; including cards, tags, ATCs, arches and small gift and home decor items. I frequently find inspiration in music, poetry and pop culture. I’m an active blogger and I like to share my tips and ideas. When I’m not creating art, I enjoy baking, reading, listening to music and spending time outdoors with my family.

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