DIY Hexagon Clock


diy wood hexagon clock (9)

Hey everyone, Katie here!

Since we are featuring clocks here on the Walnut Hollow blog this month, I had to make a clock using Walnut Hollows new Hexagon Wall Decor as a gift for my Mom! My Mom is a quilter and loves making little sewn hexagons and I knew this would go perfect in her sewing studio!

diy wood hexagon clock (1)


  1. Use a hexagon template and pencil to trace a hexagon pattern onto the backside (now the front side for this project!) of the Hexagon Box.

diy wood hexagon clock (2)

2. Use the Creative Versa Tool with the Universal Point to burn the hexagon pattern into the wood. I love the versa tool for wood burning, combined with the universal tip I get nice clean lines without much effort.

diy wood hexagon clock (3)

3. Use acrylic paint to color in the hexagons. Use whatever color scheme you’re loving/matches your decor the best. I used 4 different colors and left a few hexies the unpainted solid wood.

diy wood hexagon clock (4)

4. Once you have all of the hexagons colored in, paint on numbers for the clock face, outline them with black to make them stand out.

diy wood hexagon clock (5)

5. Use stamping tips (they come with the Creative Versa Tool!) to add pattern to the different hexagon shapes. I like this because it almost makes the different hexagons look like fabrics.

diy wood hexagon clock (6)

6. Drill a small hole in the center of your hexagon to place your clock movement through and follow the instructions on the movement packaging on how to install the hands.

(At this point I also decided to paint the frame around the hexagon.)

diy wood hexagon clock (7) diy wood hexagon clock (8)

Hang and enjoy! I love that this clock is so much more unique than your normal old store bought clocks!

Have you seen Walnut Hollow’s latest products? They have the Hexagon Wall Decor but they also have Hexagon Trays!!



Bio: Katie is a 23 yr old artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Punk Projects, where she posts scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, tutorials and all sorts of artsy things.


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