Farmhouse Clock

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-007

I love everything farmhouse style and wanted to create my own personalized farmhouse clock.  With just a few supplies, I was able to create a gorgeous farmhouse style clock for my home.  The HotStamps make this project super simple and perfect for even a wood finishing beginner.

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow

Supplies needed to make this farmhouse clock:

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-001

Step 1:  Use the HotStamps, ruler, and pencil to layout your design onto the surface of the clock.  We used the words “THE HOLDEN FARMSTEAD” but you can pick and choose your design.  NOTE:  Make sure the words are level on the face of the clock.

Step 2:  Allow the Versa-Tool® to heat up with a letter attached.  Start burning the letters into the surface of the clock by pressing the hot stamp onto the wood surface.  Turn off the Versa-Tool® and allow to cool before adding another hot stamp.  A pair of pliers will help with the insertion and removal.  Repeat until you have all of the letters burned into the wood.

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-002

Step 3:  Stain the entire surface and sides of the clock with wood finishing cloths or another stain.  Allow to dry completely.

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-003

Step 4:  Use an electronic craft cutter or craft knife to cut the clock face from vinyl.  Use the clock face downloadable file.  Remove the excess vinyl and you will have roman numerals in a circle.

Step 5:  Use transfer paper to remove the numerals from the backing paper and apply to the clock surface.  Press down well.

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-004

Step 6:  Use craft paint and a paint brush to lightly go over the surface of the clock.  Remove paint from the burned design with a cotton swab as you paint.  Allow to dry completely.

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-005

Step 7:  Remove vinyl numerals from clock and add clock movement and hands to the center of your clock.

farmhouse clock for walnut hollow-006

Add this gorgeous farmhouse clock to your home by using the tools at to create your own version.  Customize the design easily with the use of HotStamps.  They really make wood burning this design so easy!

Check out this video to see the DIY process in action!



Angie Holden is a writer and crafter.  You can find her creating projects daily at The Country Chic Cottage where she makes crafts, DIY projects, recipes, and so much more.  She loves experimenting with new craft supplies and staying busy on her farm in rural Tennessee.

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