Coasters and Crate Hostess Gift Set

Hostess Coaster Gift Set

Opening your house to a crowd can be a challenge, even a potluck requires a fair bit of preparations. Hostesses don’t get the credit they deserve; that’s why it’s always nice when guests bring a gift. This set of personalized leaf coasters with a bottle of mulled wine and glasses is a great option for all your fall events.

Hostess Gift Coaster Set

Here’s how to make a Leaf Motif Coaster Gift Set!

Hostess Coaster Set Supplies


Leaf Design Coasters

To begin, draw a basic leaf shape on the Country Round® Coasters using a pencil. If you don’t trust your freehand abilities, there are stencils available in your local craft store.

Wood Burning Coasters

Next, using the  Versa-Tool®’s Universal Point burn the leaf outlines. Then, add simple straight lines to create geometric patterns on your leaves. You can also switch out the Universal Point for the Flow Point to make dots.

It’s amazing what you can come up with using lines and circles, but if you need inspiration on what kind of designs to make scroll down a couple of images.

Coloring Wood Burned Designs

I mixed dye ink and water and used it to color and stain the coasters. The pearlized accent ink added a metallic shine.

Another option would be to use paints and wood stains to fill in your designs.

Leaf Wood Burning Designs

Finally, to bring everything together line the Small Rustic Crate with a lovely fall fabric before filling it. For a bonus, you could hem the material so it can be used as a table runner or piece of home decor.

Preparing Hostess Gift Crate

The only thing I love better than a practical gift is practical packaging!

The small rustic crate is the perfect size for filling with al kinds of goodies. For example, another gift option would be to make pumpkin coasters and include pumpkin spices and spreads. Plus, once emptied your hostess will be able to put it to use anywhere in the house.

Coasters and Gift Crate

For more wood gift ideas and fall projects follow Walnut Hollow on Pinterest!


There’s still time to take advantage of the brilliant Box Sale going on now until Thursday, October 6th!



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