Mini Crate Christmas Tree Table Centerpiece

Mini Crate Christmas Tree table centerpiece

I know it’s not even Halloween yet! Sometimes an idea hits you that you just can’t ignore and you have to roll with it.

That’s how this Mini Crate Christmas Tree table centerpiece happened. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas though, right? This super easy Holiday centerpiece is so versatile and can be arranged in many different ways to fit your decor style.

Mini Crate Christmas Tree Materials

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Mini Crate Christmas Tree:

  • Walnut Hollow Mini Crates (x10)
  • Wood Stain
  • Sandpaper
  • Disposable gloves
  • Clean rag or cloth
  • Holiday Decorations such as Ornaments, Evergreen Floral Picks, or Pine Cones.

Sand the Mini Crate

The first step is to prepare the mini crates. Sometimes unfinished wood can have a few rough spots. Just give them a quick, light sanding. There were only a few spots on my 10 crates that needed smoothing.

Stain the Mini Crates

I always use disposable gloves when I am staining wood. The oil based wood stains can be difficult to remove from the skin. Stir the stain well, and use a clean cloth or rag to wipe the stain on the crates. Cover the crates inside and out and let them dry for at least 3 hours. Overnight is best.

I used a darker “Espresso” colored stain for my crates.

Stack the Mini Crates - 4 Steps to make a Mini Crate Christmas Tree

I stacked my 10 crates like a Christmas Tree next.  First I arranged four crates for the base.  The next level of the tree has three crates, then two, and finally the top level of the Crate Tree has one crate.

Decorate the Mini Crate Christmas tree with Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments hang very well from the slats in the crate. I added some glitter to the pine cones for a little bit of sparkle. Pine Floral Picks made the crates look even more like a fun little Christmas tree!  You can add small pictures of loved ones into the crates as well for a more personal touch.

Mini Crate Christmas Tree - Table Centerpiece

I added a small star on the top as well.  I love that I can easily add or remove any kind of holiday decoration into the crates.  I am hoping to find a miniature holiday village when the season gets rolling. I think the village would look fabulous inside the crate tree, don’t you?

Table Centerpiece - Mini Crate Christmas Tree with Walnut Hollow Mini Crates

I put together a little video to show you the process.

I love these little mini crates from Walnut Hollow so much. You can buy them HERE. The best part about this little set is that it can be so versatile. While waiting for Christmas, and the perfect entertaining opportunity for my Mini Crate Christmas Tree, these crates are sitting on my table with the fall decor! I love that deep rich stain with the beautiful bright fall colors.


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Use Walnut Hollow Mini Crates to create a beautiful Mini Crate Christmas Tree table Centerpiece.

Kelli @ Ks Craft Shack

After studying Culinary Arts in Portland Oregon, Kelli went back home to the sunny South West where she decided she wanted to do different kinds of Art. This busy mom of three spends all of her available free time creating in her Craft Shack “she shed” where she can be found burning wood, repurposing old stuff, playing with clay, and painting just about anything she can get her hands on.

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