Metallic Wall Art Tutorial


I love to make my own custom wall art because you can customize it any way you like.  You can personalize your DIY wall art, too.  It’s surprisingly simple to create metallic, foil finished wall art.  Keep reading to learn how to make this beautiful gift idea!

Supplies Used:
Step one: Paint the front of the Basswood Canvas with white milk paint.  Let the first layer dry then paint on a second application of paint. Let it dry.
Step two: Paint the four sides of the canvas with black paint.  I like the contrast and framing effect that the two different colors create. Let the paint dry completely.
Step three: Tape the desired stencil to the front of the canvas.  If you use a 12″x12″ stencil like I did then it will fit perfectly on the canvas.
Step four:  Use a foam pouncer to add adhesive to the canvas.  Dab the pouncer into the glue, tap off the excess, and sponge over the stencil. Remove the stencil and let the glue dry for about 15 minutes. The instructions state to wait an hour, but since we used so little glue and dabbed it on, it will dry much more quickly.
Note:  The foam will create an uneven, dappled finish. If you want a smooth, even finish then you should use a flat brush instead.
Step five: Place the foil over the stenciled glue wording.  Use your hands or a flat tool, like a popsicle stick, to rub over the glue.  The foil will stick to the adhesive.  Peel the foil sheet back carefully to reveal your image.
Repeat step five with different colors of foil.  I just love this metallic finish! As I mentioned before, if you want the finish to look smoother and more sheetlike then you will need to use a flat brush instead of a foam pouncer.  I like the stippled look, and I think it adds to the shabby chic look created by using a wood canvas.  Have fun crafting and creating wood decor!
Italian born and bred, Morena is the kind of girl who would rather have paint on her fingers than get a manicure. The daughter of two DIYers, she and her husband strive to pass the tradition and value of handmade to their four children. Morena’s passion is using thrifted and inexpensive finds to craft designer inspired creations, and she excels in creating colorful, bold pieces. As a former teacher, her site,,  is like her virtual classroom.

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