JOY Christmas Star with Walnut Hollow Rustic Star

I love making my own Christmas decorations and today I’m showing you how to make a very simple Christmas star.

Supply List

  • Walnut Hollow Rustic Star, Small
  • Americana Decor Color Stain, Light Fern
  • hanger with nails
  • 2 upholstery tacks
  • 12″ jute
  • 3 – 2″ doilies
  • white cardstock
  • 1″ black letter stickers
  • red ink pad
  • gold glitter glue
  • 3 tiny red clothespins

Tools Needed

  • paint brush
  • hammer
  • 1.5″ circle punch

Brush on the color stain and wipe off with a rag.

Walnut Hollow wood star

When the stain is dry add the hanger on the back.

Christmas star hanger

Stick upholstery tacks on either side of the top “ray” of the star and wrap jute around each one.

Punch 3 circles from white cardstock.  Subtly ink the edges, then squeeze out a line of glitter glue around the edge.  Let dry.  Add the letter stickers to the front, hot glue the circles to the doilies, and pin to jute.

JOY is my theme for this Christmas but you could make your star say whatever you want.  For longer words, use smaller stickers, circles, and doilies.

JOY Christmas star

Now it’s ready to be displayed either on the top of your tree, wall, or on your front door.

JOY wood Christmas star

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Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment and let me know what word you would put on your star.

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I’m Ann Tatum from Duct Tape and Denim.  I’m a jewelry designer but I can’t contain my creativity to just jewelry!  From childhood I’ve loved just about every craft I’ve ever tried.  And my studio currently looks like I’m enjoying every craft!  I especially love upcycling vintage finds.  I raised two daughters who are now married, have one grandson, and live with my musical husband and the boss of our house, the cat.  Follow our adventures on


JOY Christmas star DIY wood



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