Birthday Organizer Chart DIY


I have a big family, and I struggle to keep up with all the birthdays in my life!  I wanted to make a small wall hanging to help keep all these important dates organized, but first I thought I’d make a big, bold, colorful birthday organizer for my daughter’s classroom.  Her grade level’s theme is “Wizard of Oz”, so I transformed a Walnut Hollow basswood country plank into the yellow brick road.  The student’s names float on clouds over the rainbow, way up high.  What a fun way to keep track of birthdays (and learn the months of the year!)



Step one:  Use the Ultra Dye pigment to stain the wood surfaces.  Paint the country plank with yellow dye.


Once that is dry, use a stencil to add a brick pattern in darker yellow paint over the dyed surface.


Step two:  Choose twelve basswood country rounds for the months on the calendar.  Arrange them in pairs, and stain each pair with the following colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Step three:  You can use alphabet stickers for this step if you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine.  I used my Silhouette to cut vinyl letters to spell “classroom birthdays” as well as the months of the year.  You can download my free cut file by clicking HERE.


Step four:  Add the stickers to the wood surfaces.

(Optional) Seal the stickers onto the wood with a thin layer of Mod Podge.


Step five:  Cut twelve  15 inch lengths of twine.  Use hot glue to attach the twine to the back of the country plank, then use a staple gun to reinforce the hold.

Step six:  Arrange the wood rounds on the twine pieces.  Use hot glue to attach the rounds to the twine, then staple the twine in place.

I cut little cloud shapes from white card stock and glued the paper clouds onto mini clothespins.  The clothespins are then clipped onto the correct birthday month for each child.  This colorful wall chart is a great way to remember all the birthdays in a classroom, and the idea could easily be adapted for families, too.  Simply change the wording to “family birthdays” and you’ll have a fun visual reminder of all the birthdays in your life!


Before you go, be sure to stop by Walnut Hollow’s website to stock up on DIY crafting surfaces and holiday gifts! Now – December 8th: Free Shipping with a $50 purchase!



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