DIY Birch Pillar Candleholders

diy candleholders (1 of 7).jpg

Have you ever heard the word “hygge”? It’s a Danish word that roughly translates to “cozy”. It’s all about creating homey vibes, comfortable spaces, and really embracing the beauty in being with the people you love. It’s a concept I adore and have really latched onto since I first heard about it. I feel like I’m constantly looking for more ways to create more hygge vibes in my life!

One of my absolute favorite ways to bring a little more hygge into my day is lighting a few candles. What’s more cozy than candlelight? And, since a big component of hygge is also bringing natural elements into your home, these DIY birch pillar candleholders are the perfect way to make your home feel a little more hygge (and they’re so easy to make, too!)



  • Walnut Hollow Birch Pillars (I used two large ones and one small one)
  • A drill press (if you check your local hardware store, you may be able to rent one!)
  • Sandpaper or a rasp file
  • Linseed oil
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Votive candles in a glass container

diy candleholders (6 of 7).jpg

STEP ONE: Start by using a drill press with a bit that’s roughly the size of your candle to drill a hole in the pillar.


STEP TWO: Use the rasp to sand down the edges of your hole. My drill bit wasn’t quite large enough to fit the candle, so I used the rasp file to widen the hole slightly so the candle would fit. You also don’t want any splinters, so be sure to get it nice and wide!

diy candleholders (5 of 7).jpg

STEP THREE: Use your lint-free cloth and some Lindseed oil to finish off the pillars. This doesn’t change the color at all, just adds a little bit of richness and shine to them. It makes them feel much more polished and professional-looking!

diy candleholders (7 of 7).jpg

STEP FOUR: Insert your candle, light it, and get your hygge on!

diy candleholders (2 of 7).jpg

This is such a simple project, but it’s so pretty, and it looks so much fancier than it really is! I’m just using these on my mantel for now, but they would look amazing if you made a bunch and put them in a fireplace, or lined a big shelf with them. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the full video tutorial here:


IMG_5300.jpg Amanda blogs at Love & Renovations with her husband, Corey, about life, love, home improvement, and everything in-between. She loves a good DIY project and is constantly on the lookout for creative ways to make her home a little more beautiful. Amanda is a big believer that you don’t have to be a professional to create a home that is well-designed, and she loves to teach the average homeowner how to tackle DIY projects that they never dreamed they could actually do!

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