Mother’s Day Serving Tray

Hi guys, Chelsea from Maing Manzanita here! As a child, I was always so giddy on Mother’s Day. I loved waking up before my mom got up and making her breakfast in bed. I was so proud when we walked into her room holding the serving tray with her breakfast. Mother’s Day was all about spoiling mom. It definitely always started with breakfast in bed. This Mother’s Day serving tray is a really fun project you can make with little ones for your Mom, Grandmas, or Aunts to make lasting Mother’s Day memories with your children.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (1)

Supplies for the Mother’s Day serving tray:

  • Walnut Hollow Scalloped Trivet (Large)
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint pen
  • Paint brush
  • A kiddo’s hand
  • Wipes for cleanup
  • Drawer pulls (to be repurposed as handles)
  • Drill
  • Clear acrylic coating (not shown in picture)

Mother's Day Serving Tray

Step 1: Lightly sand and paint tray.

The Scalloped Trivet comes with unfinished rustic pine that is a little rough to the touch. I decided to give it a quick sanding with a fine grit (220) stad paper. I then used a foam brush to paint the serving tray with white acrylic paint. The unfinished wood really soaks up the paint, so I did two thick coats.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (3)

Step 2: Add grass and the stems of the flowers.

Once paint is dry (approximately 1 hour), add in some painted grass to the bottom of the tray and finish with the stem and leaves of the flowers.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (2)

I made a slightly lighter shade of green by adding in a drop of white acrylic paint and mixing together. This gave the grass, stems and leaves a little texture.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (5)

Step 3. Grab your kiddo and add the hand prints for flowers.

The painted hand prints turned out to be a pretty messy (but really fun) experience with my 11 month old. Luckily, my hubby was nearby to help – otherwise I know paint would have ended up in his mouth!

Mother's Day Serving Tray (4)

We brushed the acrylic craft paint right on to his hand (which totally tickled and he was rolling in laughter). Next, we put the hand print at the top of the painted stem right away and pressed down on all of the fingers before moving the hand or pulling away.

Keep the wipes nearby for easy cleanup when you’re done with the hand prints.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (7)

Step 4. Add a couple of yellow thumbprint bees in the sky.

I thought this was a fun little touch to add. My little guy’s thumbs were a too small – and he was already cleaned up, so I used mine. Once the yellow paint is dry, you can use the paint pen to add the stripes, smile, wings and dotted trails to make the little bee really come alive!

Mother's Day Serving Tray (6)

Step 5. Add in quote and personalization.

I found this quote and just loved it! It was a perfect addition for the Mother’s Day serving tray. I traced out the letters with very light pencil before using the paint pen to write the quote. I also added in a note at the bottom that says “Happy Mother’s Day 2017” and signed it from my little guy.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (9)

Step 6. Seal with acrylic coating.

I sprayed a quick coat of UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating over the whole tray to make sure it was sealed.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (11)

Step 7. Add handles.

Drill pilot holes and add your repurposed drawer pulls as handles on each side of the serving tray.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (8)

This Mother’s Day serving tray was so simple to make. Arts & crafts with an 11 month old is always a fun time, so we had a blast together.

Mother's Day Serving Tray (13)

The Scalloped Trivet from Walnut Hollow was the perfect base to make a super cute serving tray for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Serving Tray (12)

I hope that my little guy has fun memories of making breakfast in bed for mom every Mother’s Day too (hint, hint hubby!). Do you have any fun Mother’s Day traditions in your family or memories from Mother’s Day when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments!


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Chelsea headshot photoChelsea is the girl behind Making Manzanita where it’s all about crafting a simple life you love. Chelsea loves to inspire her readers with home decor tips, craft tutorials, renovation stories and simple homemaking advice. She works in commercial real estate by day, but at night she’s always busy blogging, crafting and making rustic home decor for her Etsy Store, Manzanita Exchange. Chelsea, her hubby and their son enjoy living in central Oregon and renovating their fixer upper together. She can usually be found with her little man on her hip and a paint brush in her hand.


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