Make a Rustic Modern Divided Shelf

Succulents are all the rage right now but they can be challenging to grow. Get the look of succulents with a modern feel by creating this DIY shelf with succulent image transfers and a colorblocking paint technique. It’s so cute, right?!


This divided shelf has the perfect combination of rustic and modern. The image transferred succulent graphics with the bright color blocked lines add a modern twist to the rustic natural wood shelf.


Supplies used for the rustic modern divided shelf –

  • Rustic Divided tray
  • Freezer paper
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Graphics of your choice
  • Smoothing tool or credit card
  • Craft paint of choice.


Step 1 – Cut freezer paper to letter paper size (8.5″ x 11″) sheets and print graphics using an inkjet printer. The graphics should print on the shiny side of the freezer paper. Cut out the graphics. Rustic-Modern-divided-shelf-Anikas-DIY-Life-21a

Step 2 – Place graphics upside down on the divided tray. Press and smooth with the smoothing tool or credit card. Repeat for all sections. Rustic-Modern-divided-shelf-Anikas-DIY-Life-22a

Step 3 – Paint the edges of the tray in colors of your choice.


Hang up the shelf on the wall using adhesive strips or screws.


It makes a great shelf for the entryway to drop your keys and other items! What will you use it for?

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Anika shares her DIY and home decor adventures at Anika’s DIY Life with projects ranging from woodworking, furniture makeovers, home decor to simple and quick crafts. You will find lots of fun and colorful pieces in her home. She is on a mission to inspire and encourage everyone to think outside the box and create a home filled with their unique personality.

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