Vintage Style Wood Hexagon Succulent Planter

I’ve been growing succulents for most of my life but the past few years I’ve really been focusing on propagating them.  So my little patio is always filled with plants!  They’re easy to propagate and make great gifts for your friends and family.  Especially when they’re in cute little planters like the one I’m going to show you how to make today.

supplies for hexagon planter

Supply List

  • hexagon wall decor
  • 3 paint colors
  • paint brushes
  • sanding block
  • hardware cloth
  • tin snips
  • staple gun
  • succulents
  • soil
  • plastic baggies
  • moss

Step One:  Paint

Completely cover the hexagon wall decor in the base color.  Red, in this case.  Apply the second color randomly so that when it is sanded the red will show through in some places and the tan/beige/white will show through in others.  Then completely cover the piece with the third coat.  This project was covered in a very light blue color.  Let dry between each color.

Second coat of paint

Step Two:  Sand

Dip the sanding block in water and lightly sand the whole surface.  Increase the pressure in some places so more color will show through.  Wipe down with a rag.

sanding third coat of paint

Step Three:  Wire

Trim the hardware cloth with tin snips to fit the shape of the wall decor.  Staple every inch or so around the edge.

stapling hardware cloth

Step Four:  Plants

Add planting soil to the baggies and stick in a plant.  Add moss to the front of the planter next to the wire.  Arrange the baggies behind the moss.  Add more moss to the top to cover up plastic.  (None of my containers fit this space but the baggies worked great!)

finished hexagon planter


close up of wire on planter

Here’s the detail on one of the sides.  Notice how you see all three colors plus the wood in tiny areas?

side detail on succulent planter

Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment and let me know if you have succulents growing on your patio.

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