Wood Burning Illustrations with the Creative Versa Tool


Hey Walnut Hollow fans, It’s Katie here! This month at Walnut Hollow we have been focusing on wood burned projects.

Today I wanted to share with you guys a few tips for wood burning illustrations and I’m doing so by creating these cactus rounds. Cactus are extremely trendy right now.


  1. I recommend starting by drawing out your ideas in a sketchbook or onto scratch paper. It’s always best to figure out exactly what you want your art to look like before you start burning it onto wood.


2. Next you will want to transfer your designs onto your wood surface. You can either freehand it, like I did, Or you can use transfer paper to easily copy the work over. Just place a piece of transfer paper onto the wood, place your sketch on top and trace back over your sketched lines firmly with a pencil.

3. Time to start wood burning! I recommend using the Flow Point as the best tip for drawing. The Universal Tip is great if you are doing a more geometric shape with sharp lines, but if you’re doing anything with curves I would try the Flow Point.

You will want to burn directly over your pencil lines, however if you don’t completely cover the pencil, use a sand eraser to gently erase any unwanted pencil marks.

I find it best not to rush the wood burner, let it heat up and then draw slowly. Once you find the right temperature setting for the type of wood you are using it will burn really smoothly. If it looks like the wood is turning a little orange around your burned lines it means it’s too hot.

I like that with the Flow Point you can both create lines and dots.

That is what works for me, Try experimenting with different types of sketches and wood burning tips to see what you like best!

If you want to color in your artwork, Grab your acrylic paints. Use a small tip paint brush to color inbetween the woodburned lines.

What artwork would you wood burn? Cactus? Or how about Pineapples?

Grab your own Creative Versa-Tool Wood Burner right here on the Walnut Hollow site and start drawing today!


Bio: Katie is a 24 yr old artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Punk Projects, where she posts scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, tutorials and all sorts of crafty things.

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