DIY Birch and Brushstroke Shelves

Hey Y’all, This is Katie here and today I’m sharing a fun project using Walnut Hollows natural birch wood products. I really love the way birch bark looks, it has so much color and lines and dots. I’ve seen a few variations of birch wood shelves online and I decided to create a couple of birch shelves for myself, but adding an artsy touch to it!

Here’s how:


  • 2 Birch Pillars (for each shelf)
  • Birch Bark Plank
  • Acrylic Paints in desired colors (I used paints by DecoArt)
  • 1″ Paint Brush
  • #2 Paint Brush
  • Wood Glue

To give your birch shelves the artsy brushstroke look, you’ll want paints in a few different colors. I’m using navy, pink, aqua and white.

  1. Using a 1″ paint brush, apply strokes of color to your birch pillar, spreading them out around the base of the pillar.

2. Layer on your other paint colors, overlapping the brush strokes in places.

3. Add on your last color, and make sure you’re happy with how the designs look. In places I went back with my first color (pink) to add more of it on top.

On the short pillars I only used 2 colors.

4. Using a #2 paint brush, dip the end into a bit of black paint and use it to make little dots around your pillar. I like the whimsical pattern this gives on top of the brushstrokes.

5. Use wood glue to adhere the Rustic Birch Plank on to the top of the pillars.

and that’s it! I think these shelves are like little pieces of art! They’re right at home in my studio. What colors would you make your brushstokes? Colorful, or something more subtle?

Find all of Walnut Hollow’s Natural Birch with Bark products here.



Bio: Katie is a 24 yr old artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Punk Projects, where she posts scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, tutorials and all sorts of crafty things.

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