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Welcome to the 7th Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop hosted by Smart Fun DIY! Day 1 of this hop is all about unique gift ideas to inspire you to create something from the heart this holiday season.


I’m sharing how I used Walnut Hollow and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L products to create a box to hold wishes. This memorable keepsake is perfect for newlyweds, recent graduates, retirees, a new baby, or anyone experiencing a big life event. I personalized this box with wood burned calligraphy and some hot stamped stars. My daughters are convinced that this box is magical and have already added their wishes! Today I’ll show you how easy it is to create a box like this that is sure to make a special gift.


Walnut Hollow Rectangle Basswood Panel (8×10 inches)
Walnut Hollow Basswood Canvas (8×8 inches)
Walnut Hollow HotStamps Numbers and Symbols Set
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool®
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Crafty Power Tape Dispenser
Carbon Paper
Wood Glue
Electric Drill


Step 1: Use a saw to trim 2-inches from the bottom of the Basswood Plaque to create an 8×8 inch square. Next, use an electric drill to randomly drill holes into the plaque. Note: I did not drill any holes into the bottom right corner of this plaque so that I could burn a word onto that space. Make sure the drill bit is large enough to create holes that will hold a rolled up piece of paper.


Step 2: Use carbon paper and a pencil to transfer the outline of a word onto the bottom right corner of the plaque. Then, use the Creative Versa-Tool, fitted with the calligraphy tip, to burn the word into the wood.


Step 3: Use the Creative Versa-Tool and the star symbol tip to hot stamp solid stars onto the plaque. Note: For variety, I also used the HotMarks Tool to hot stamp the smaller star outlines onto the plaque. This tool is available from Michael’s and includes 15 points; universal, shading, tapered, calligraphy, transfer, hot knife, mini flow and 8 stamping points.


Step 4: Apply a line of wood glue around the back edge of the Basswood Canvas. Press the plaque onto the canvas and let dry overnight.


Step 5: Apply Crafty Power Tape onto the box on both sides of the seam where the canvas and the plaque meet. Press ribbon onto the tape.


This project is easy to personalize for any recipient by simply using a different HotStamp symbol and/or burning a different word.

You won’t want to miss the rest of the inspiring gift ideas shared today!

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Dana Tatar
I’m currently living in Virginia with my husband and two daughters. I started paper crafting about 9 years ago and have expanded from scrapbooking and now create a little of everything; including cards, tags, ATCs, arches and small gift and home décor items. I frequently find inspiration in music, poetry and pop culture. I’m an active blogger and I like to share my tips and ideas. When I’m not creating art, I enjoy baking, reading, listening to music and spending time outdoors with my family.

23 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays Blog Hop

  1. Cute idea….I could see this being used for drawing “secret Santa” gifts or for drawing names in families that have gone that route. Great idea!!!

  2. Beautiful job! This would be cute for filling with things we’re grateful for for Thanksgiving, xmas wish lists around the holidays, secret compliments for each other any time of year. 🙂

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