DIY Magnetic Flair Board

Magnetic Flair Board Craft Supply Organizer by Dana Tatar

How many pieces of flair do you need to express yourself? Button badges like this are one of my favorite craft embellishments. I was surprised to find out just how many flair buttons I had in numerous locations in my craft space. The unorganized way I was storing them was not working for me. I wanted a way to celebrate my collection that would also make choosing the right piece of flair for a project easier. This magnetic board was the perfect solution!

DIY Magnetic Flair Board Supplies by Dana Tatar

8×10 Basswood Rectangle Plaque
F 1.5″ Wooden Letter
L 1.5″ Wooden Letter
A 1.5″ Wooden Letter
I 1.5″ Wooden Letter
R 1.5″ Wooden Letter
Magnetic Sheet
DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylic Paint
Strong Adhesive

How to Create a Magnetic Board by Dana Tatar

Step 1: Trim the magnetic sheet to fit onto the plaque. Glue down.

How to Paint Walnut Hollow Wooden Letters by Dana Tatar

Step 2: Brush the Wooden Letters with acrylic paint.

How to Create a Magnetic Flair Board by Dana Tatar

Step 3: Glue the painted Wooden Letters across the top of the plaque.

DIY Magnetic Flair Baard Craft Supply Organizer by Dana Tatar

Step 4: Add flair!

I quickly filled up the front of this board. I still have flair that needs to be organized, so I’ll probably add a magnetic sheet to the back of this board as well. Create multiple magnetic boards to hang together on the wall for a larger storage station for metal embellishments or dies.

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DIY-Magnetic Flair Board Craft Supply Organizer Tutorial by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow


Dana Tatar
is an artist currently living in Virginia who enjoys creating paper crafts, mixed media pieces, and DIY projects inspired by music, poetry, pop culture, and current events in an eclectic style.

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