DIY Crafter’s Carousel to Organize Your Supplies

I’m one of those people who has always loved to organize things.  A well organized studio just makes me extremely happy and I love looking at containers, carts and other storage solutions. So, for today’s project I wanted to show y’all how I turned one of  Rustic Divided Tray (by Walnut Hollow!) into a supply carousel that I can place near my desk to keep my most used supplies handy!


  • Rustic Divided Tray
  • DecoArt Vintage Effect Wash
  • DecoArt Extreme Sheen Acrylic Paint
  • Navy Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Arrow Stencil
  • 1″ Foam Brush
  • 1/2″ Paint Brush
  • Stencil Brush
  • Paper Towels
  • Lazy Susan Turntable Bearing
  • Strong Adhesive


Step one: Start by giving your Rustic Divided Tray a bit of color. I used a 1″ foam brush to apply vintage effect wash onto the wood. After it was completely covered, I used a paper towel to wipe away any excess paint.  The foam brush helps to get the paint into the corners!

Step two: I wanted to add a bit of shine to embellish my tray, so I used a small paint brush to apply 24k Extreme Sheen acrylic paint to the top edges of the tray.

To make sure you don’t get paint onto the sides of the tray during this step, you might want to consider wrapping the sides of the tray with painters/washi tape before painting. Just remember to remove it once the paint is dry.

Step three: Embellishing!

This next step is optional, but Walnut Hollow products are so fun to customize that I wanted to do a bit of stenciling onto the sides of my tray.

I used a medium stencil brush to apply navy blue paint through various arrow stencils on each side of my tray.

Step four: For another fun embellishment, I used a paintbrush to write creative words inside of my tray. I won’t see these while my tray is filled with supplies, but they’ll be a fun reminder to be creative anytime I remove supplies and see these words peeking through.

Step five: Once all of the paint is completely dried, Flip your tray upside down. Apply a strong adhesive to one side of your lazy susan bearing and stick it down onto the center of your tray. Let it dry completely.

Step 6: once the glue has dried, you’re free to flip the tray back over and fill it with your supplies!  I love that the boxes in the the Rustic Divided Tray let me sort my tools easily and the Lazy Susan bearing allows me to simply spin the tray around and around.


You can purchase the Rustic Divided Tray that you’ll need for this project on the Walnut Hollow website here.

Bio: Katie is an artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Studio Katie, where she posts DIY projects, scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, and all sorts of creative things.


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