Mandala Candle Pillars

Wood Burned and Painted Mandala Candle Pillars by Dana Tatar

I was so happy when Pantone chose Ultra Violet as the color of the year! I created a trio of birch candle pillars to add a pop of this trendy color to my home décor. I selected a couple of Mandala-style coloring pages to use as templates for wood burning and then had a lot of fun painting the designs in a purple palette.

Mandala Candle Pillar Supplies by Dana Tatar

2 Walnut Hollow 7″ Birch Pillars
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool
Acrylic Paint
Coloring Book Pages
Carbon Paper

How to Transfer a Mandala Design onto a Birch Pillar by Dana Tatar

Step 1: Cut one of the birch pillars into two pieces at about the 2/3 mark. Use carbon paper and a pencil to transfer the mandala designs onto the pillars.

How to Wood Burn a Mandala Design onto a Birch Pillar by Dana Tatar

Step Two: Use the Creative Versa-Tool to burn the design into the pillar.

How to Paint a Wood Burned Mandala by Dana Tatar

Step Three: Paint the pillars. First, apply a solid layer of paint to the design. Then, dip the end of the paintbrush into the paint and add contrasting dots of color over the solid areas.

Mandala Candle Pillars by Dana Tatar

Leave several portions of the wood burned design unpainted to add variation to the pillars.

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Mandala Candle Holder Tutorial by Dana Tatar


Dana Tatar
is an artist currently living in Virginia who enjoys creating paper crafts, mixed media pieces, and DIY projects inspired by music, poetry, pop culture, and current events in an eclectic style.

8 thoughts on “Mandala Candle Pillars

    • Thank you! I used Walnut Hollow 7-inch Birch Pillars for this project. You can follow the link to this product from the supply list for more information.

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