Fairy Garden Centerpiece

DIY Fairy Garden Centerpiece by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring. The cold, grey days of Winter are really weighing me down. To help lift my spirits, I created a magical fairy garden centerpiece that has brought some of the joy of my favorite season, indoors. I used natural embellishments like rocks, stones, and moss, along with a selection of bark edge rounds, to build this enchanted scene. The Large Country Round that I used for the base of this piece is strong, so I enjoyed working with heavier materials to create a 360° design.

DIY Fairy Garden Supplies by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

Walnut Hollow Rustic Basswood Country Round, Large
Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Round Coaster, 3 Pack
Walnut Hollow Birch Value Bag, 30 Pack
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool
Glass Lantern
Resin Embellishments: Door, Fairy, Flower
Toadstool Cluster
Rocks and Stones
Celestial Stamp Set
Imagine Metal Die
Acrylic Paint
Wood Glue
Heavy Duty Glue

How to Sponge Paint Wood Rounds to Look Like Moss by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

1. Apply green and brown paint to the rounds. Use a sponge brush to apply the top layers of paint to the coasters for a moss-like finish.

How to Use Stamps and Dies as Wood Burning Templates by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

2. Use a metal die and a stamp set as template for wood burning. Trace around the metal die with a pencil onto the front of the large round. Use the Creative Versa-Tool with the Flow Point to burn the word onto the wood. Stamp smaller text and stars around the large word. Use the Creative Versa-Tool with the Tapered Point to burn the smaller text and stars onto the wood.

Fairy Garden Wood Slice Base Assembly by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

3. Glue the three coasters together in an offset tier design. Glue birch rounds across the large round base. Glue three birch rounds together to create a stool. Attach the toadstool cluster, glass lantern, and resin door, to the top of the tiered coasters.

Fairy Garden Centerpiece with Natural Embellishments by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

4. Support the tiered coasters with birch rounds. Fill in the space around the coasters and birch rounds with rocks, small stones, and moss.

Fairy Garden Centerpiece Closeup by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

5. Add colorful embellishments. Glue a fairy onto the birch rounds stool. Glue a large resin flower next to the fairy. Glue a butterfly onto the top of the glass lantern and to the top of a toadstool.

Handpainted Metal Ladybug Embellishment by Dana Tatar

6. Add small finishing touches like hand painted ladybugs. Birds, small animals, or gnomes would also look wonderful.

DIY Fairy Garden Centerpiece Rear View by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow

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Fairy Garden Centerpiece Tutorial by Dana Tatar for Walnut Hollow


Dana Tatar
is an artist currently living in Virginia who enjoys creating paper crafts, mixed media pieces, and DIY projects inspired by music, poetry, pop culture, and current events in an eclectic style.

9 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Centerpiece

  1. Can this be left outside. Can it survive wet, cold n hot weather? I have been looking for something g like this for my granddaughters grave.

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