Branded Leather Bracelets – Two Ways

If you love wood burning, you’ll really enjoy leather branding too! And if you haven’t tried either, now is a perfect time!  You might even find leather branding easier than wood burning which makes it a great place to start. The leather is smooth and brands like butter.  It’s almost just like drawing.  Using beautiful leather bracelets from Silver Creek Leather, the Walnut Hollow Leather Branding tool and Stencil, and DecoArt Stylin’ or Patent leather Paints you can make beautifully branded leather wristbands easily!

Use the Walnut Hollow Leather branding tool to make beautiful leather bracelets two ways #walnuthollow #leather #leatherbranding

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Branded Leather Bracelets:

Branded Leather Bracelets Two Ways - Supplies

Branding Leather with a Stencil:

Step one:

Choose your leather piece, and pick a design.  I picked the word “Breathe” to go on my wristband, and I used the stencil to make sure the letters fit.  I think you could fit at least 10-12 letters on the wristbands easily, so you could use your name or any other word that inspires you.

Plug in, and turn on the leather branding tool.  Let it sit for a few minutes to get hot.  Make sure not to touch the metal parts, and use the included stand to set it on.  I use masking tape to secure my stand to my work surface.

Branding Leather with a Leather Stencil

Step Two:

Line up the Leather stencil on the wristband, and use the mini flow point tip that comes attached to the branding tool to trace the letter in the metal stencil.  Be careful not to touch the stencil right where you’ve been burning immediately after.  The stencil gets a little warm!   You can trace the letter a few times to get it as dark as you want it to be.

Repeat with each letter in your name or word.


Stencil Designs - Branded Leather Stencil

Step three: 

Add any decoration to complete your bracelet.  I used the stencil to add chevron arrows to each side of my word.  You could paint your wristband as well!

Branded Leather Bracelet - Breathe


Branding a second way – Freehand drawing: 

Besides using the Leather stencil, I wanted to draw on another bracelet.  I used the second wristband in the package to freehand brand some flowers onto the band. It’s just like drawing, only a little bit slower.


Freehand Branding Leather Bracelet - Floral

Step one:

Choose the design you want to put on the bracelet.  You can draw it in lightly with pencil first if you want.

Step two:

Use the Leather branding tool to draw your design onto the leather.  Use slow and steady movements to avoid burned spots. The longer the tip of the Branding tool sits still, the darker that spot will be.  You can go back over your drawing again a second time if you want it to be a little bit darker.

Paint the Branded Leather Bracelet

Step three:

Use Decoart Stylin’ Paint, or Patent Leather Paint to color in your design.  Allow your paint to cure for at least 24 hours (48 is better) for a nice waterproof finish.  If you only paint a part of your leather wristband, you’ll want to use a leather finisher to waterproof the rest of the wristband before allowing any kind of moisture on it.

Branded Leather Bracelets - Two Ways: Freehand and Stencil

Now you have two totally different leather bracelets, using just a few supplies! I can’t decide which one is my favorite.  Do you think you’d prefer to use a stencil or to do it freehand?

Two ways to make Branded Leather Bracelets

Check out the video tutorial here:

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