Paint Poured Welcome Sign Planter

For over 40 years Walnut Hollow has been making quality wood surfaces, tools, and accessories for the craft, hobby, art, and hardware industries and it all started with simple wood rounds!  All of their wood products are American made.  When I made this Welcome Sign Planter I knew that the wood I was using was going to be the highest quality.  It was such a fun project, combining paint pouring, with a functional sign for my front porch.

Create a paint poured Welcome Sign Planter for your front porch decor #paintpour #acrylicpour #walnuthollow #welcome

I’m a big believer in helping our environment when I can. One of my favorite ways to help is to plant things.  I keep a garden each year, I love houseplants, and I adore the beautiful trees in my yard.  This planter was exactly what I needed to beautify my porch.  Walnut Hollow likes to plant things too!  The Ladd’s don’t just make amazing Walnut Hollow products, they have also planted more than 300,000 trees during their time in operation!  All wood waste and sawdust are collected and recycled and sold as livestock bedding. No wood waste ends up in landfills which is amazing!   You can make your own beautiful Welcome Sign Planter and feel good about the products you are using!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Welcome Sign Planter Supplies

Step one:

Stain the Rustic Pallet.  I used a Dark Walnut wood stain on my Rustic Pallet.  Cover it completely, wipe off any excess stain, and allow to dry completely.   You could paint your pallet instead to match your own decor, or even leave it plain.

Stain the Pallet Sign

Step two:

Mix the paint for your paint pour.  Using a disposable cup for each color, combine each acrylic paint color with pouring medium at a 1:1 ratio.  Stir well.

Pour each paint color into the same cup, alternating between colors until you’ve filled up your mixed paint cup.  Don’t stir the paints or you’ll end up with a muddy brown instead of bright pretty colors.

Combined Paint in one cup

Step three:

Cover your workstation (I like to use wax paper and disposable foil pans).  Remove the lid from the Card Keeper box and set it up on a disposable cup so it’s lifted off the table.   Pour the combined paint slowly over the card keeper box, letting it drip down two sides.  You want to completely cover 3 sides of your box.  The pouring medium will help the thinned paint flow and mix itself as it covers the box.  If needed, you can pick up the box (this is where the gloves come in handy!) and tip it side to side to encourage the paint to flow where you need it.    Allow the box to dry completely.  Drying takes a little bit longer with this much paint, you’ll have to leave it for a few hours.

Paint Pouring

Step four:

Apply a generous amount of wood glue to the back side of the Card Keeper Box where there is no paint, and glue the box to one end of the Pallet.  Make sure the opening of the box is facing up.  Allow the glue to dry.

Glue the box to the Pallet with wood glue

Step five:

Apply your letter stickers to the pallet sign.  Mine says WELCOME but yours could say whatever you want! You could put your address numbers instead, your last name, or maybe “HELLO!”

WELCOME stickers

Step six:

Add your plant! If you don’t have much in the way of green thumbs, you can put an artificial plant right in the box.  If you are putting a live plant in the box, be sure to use a plant liner, and add some rocks to the bottom for drainage.

Welcome Sign Planter with American Made Walnut Hollow Products

You can learn more about Walnut Hollow and their amazing Made in America Products by clicking the About Us page here.


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