Simple Decor for a Rustic Patio Party

I love parties! I love attending them, but even more, I love throwing them.  Outdoor patio parties are the perfect party to throw on a gorgeous summer evening. Today I’m excited to show you how you can host the easiest rustic summer patio party using beautiful Walnut Hollow wood items for every aspect of the party!  Each wood item is lovely left in its natural state which makes for almost no party prep, but you can also customize the wood with your favorite paints or stains to match your individual style if you’d rather.  I chose to leave everything beautifully natural and rustic for my patio party.

Throw an Easy Rustic Patio Party with beautiful Natural wood Walnut Hollow decor. #walnuthollow #patioparty #party #wood

Supplies needed for a Rustic Patio Party:

Rustic Patio Party Supplies

There is very minimal setup required when using these beautiful wood elements in their natural state.  Before the party, you will need to paint your menu board and assemble your solar light pillars.

Rectangle Framed Sign Menu Board

To create a simple, rustic menu board for your patio party, paint the Rectangle framed sign with chalkboard paint.  I left the frame of the sign natural to match the other items I was planning to use.

Paint the Rectangle Framed Sign with Chalkboard paint to create a menu board

Allow the menu board to cure fully for at least 24 hours before using chalk, or chalk markers to write on it.  Display it on a party table with the menu, or a party greeting.


Before the party, you should also prepare the pillar solar lights.  Solar lights are a great patio party accessory to bring some lighting into the space without anyone tripping over cords!

Birch Pillar Solar Lights

I added pathway solar lights to beautiful Bark covered Birch Pillars for a rustic lighting addition.  To prepare these lights, use a spade drill bit to drill a hole in the top of your birch pillars.

Drill a hole in the Birch Pillar for the Solar Lights

My hole is about 1 inch deep, and I used the spade bit that was closest in size to the base of my solar lights.  Pull the solar light off of the stake, and insert it into the hole in the birch pillar.  You can use glue to hold them in place if you want.

Birch Pillar Outdoor Patio Party Solar Lights


Now that the additional prep is done, you can set up your beautiful rustic patio party!

To set the table I used Medium Rustic Pallet Signs as plate chargers.  They were the perfect size for the plate, and sturdy enough that people could pick them up and carry them around with them to socialize or sit in the garden.   The adorable Pallet Coasters were perfectly Rustic and complimented the other pallet elements nicely.

Pallet Chargers and Coasters


On the food table I set up a drink stand by using 2 Trapezoid shelves, and the 12″x24″ Rustic Pallet.  The two fit together perfectly for a very sturdy raised drink stand.

Trapezoid shelf and Pallet Drink Station

Place the two trapezoid shelves on the table facing each other, and set the 12″ x 24″ Pallet on top between them.  The supports on the Pallet line up perfectly with the top edges of the Trapezoid Shelves.   Place Drink dispensers on top for an elevated Drink station.

Elevated Pallet Drink Stand


The Rustic Angled Trays were perfect for holding various party foods!  In order to keep them food safe in their natural rustic state, I used sheets of wax paper in the bottom of the trays.

Rustic Angled Trays with Wax Paper were great for holding food.


Mini crates are one of my favorite party elements! They are so versatile!  I used Mini crates several ways for this Patio Party.   The first way was simply as a vessel for the silverware.  I tied the silverware into neat little bundles in a napkin using some jute twine.  The mini crate held a nice amount of the little silverware bundles neatly.

Mini Crate Silverware Container

I also used the Mini Crates to add height and depth to the food table.  They’re great pedestals to stand things on.  I set two crates up to hold the individual veggie cups that are always a huge hit at parties. People love little individual servings of things and the little mini crates were the perfect size to display those.

Mini Crates on the Food Table

When you add all these very simple, rustic elements together you get a beautiful Rustic Patio Party with minimal effort!

Rustic Patio Party Tables

I love the beauty of the natural wood, but if you want brighter colors, or need specific colors for a party theme, the wood is easily painted or stained to customize to fit your needs.

Rustic Patio Party

Have you ever thrown a patio party?  Now that you’ve seen how simple the setup is, you should!


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