DIY Beer Bottle Cap Tray

Summer is the time for picnics, for afternoon patio parties and for getting together with friends for bbq’s! Today’s project is inspired by all of those!

It’s also a recycling project, so you’ll want to gather up all of those beer bottle caps that you’ve been saving! We’ll be combining them with wood, and resin for a cool style that will have all of your friends asking about your unique tray, and you’ll be able to tell them that YOU MADE IT!


Learn how to DIY your own Beer Bottle Cap Tray!

Supplies you’ll need to make a Bottle Cap Tray:

  • Rustic Angled Tray
  • Beer Bottle Caps (I fit 84 into my tray, but I recommend having a few extra so that you can choose your favorite colors and designs!)
  • Metallic Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Clear Resin

The supplies you'll need to make a DIY Beer Bottle Cap Tray with Walnut Hollow

Step one:

Let’s start with a coat of paint! This is optional because the Rustic Angled Tray has a beautiful natural wood to it that would also look amazing not painted, but I loved this copper metallic paint, so I chose to go with it. Let it dry completely.

How to paint a Rustic Angled Tray by Walnut Hollow! DIY Beer Garden Tray!

Step two:

Seal the bottom seams of your tray with hot glue (This will help keep any resin from leaking through in the next step)

Step three:

Next arrange your bottle caps into a pattern you like, and then spread them out evenly through the tray, and adhere each one down with hot glue.

Step 3 of how to make a beer bottle cap tray with Walnut Hollow's Rustic Angled Tray

Step four:

Following the instructions on your resin (each brand is slightly different, so be sure to follow the directions of your type of resin) to mix up a batch of resin. Pour over top of the bottle caps, and place in a warm, level area to cure. I also recommend covering the tray with a cardboard box while it cures, so that no bugs or dust get inside while it’s still wet.

I did 2 layers of resin for mine, letting it cure in between each coat.

DIY Beer Bottle Tray from a Rustic Angled Tray by Walnut Hollow DIY Beer Garden Bottle Cap Tray! By #walnuthollow

Once it’s fully cured, you’re good to go! Grab the silverware, the drinks, turn on some music and invite your friends over to enjoy an August afternoon!

Upcycle your old Beer Bottle Caps with @Walnuthollow 's Rustic Angled Tray and Resin for a fun DIY! #walnuthollow #beergarden #upcycled #patio

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY! Don’t forget to check out the Walnut Hollow Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas!

Bio: Katie is an artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of everything crafty and is the girl behind the blog Studio Katie, where she posts DIY’s, art journals, scrapbooks, and all sorts of creative things.


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