Simple Hexagon Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite decor season!  I love leaves, pumpkins, and fun Halloween decorations too! But out of all of the decor I can use for Halloween and Fall, Pumpkins are my very favorite.  I have them in all shapes, sizes, and materials and I’m always looking for more! With the weather starting to cool and fall approaching quickly, this is the perfect time to add more pumpkins to your Halloween and fall decor!  These simple Hexagon pumpkins can be completed in less than 30 minutes (excluding drying time) and they’re so easy to customize to fit your decor too!

Make these simple Hexagon Pumpkins in just 30 minutes! #hexagon #pumpkins #fall #walnuthollow

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your Hexagon Pumpkins:

Hexagon Pumpkin Supplies

Step one:

The Hexagon Wall Decor shapes come ready to be painted or stained right away! Choose an orange paint that matches your style and evenly coat the entire Hexagon shape.  I used an orange chalk paint and only one coat.  I like that you can still see the wood grain through the light layer of paint.  You can add more paint, or less depending on your style.   Allow your paint to dry completely.  If you are planning to display these pumpkins outside you will need to use an appropriate sealer on top of the paint.

Paint the Hexagon Pumpkins


Step two:

After your paint is completely dry, you can add your pumpkin stem!  Choose 3-5 small birch slices from the Birch Value Bag.  Add a dot of hot glue to one side of the hexagon shape, and press a birch slice onto the Hexagon.  Add a dot of glue onto the small birch slice, and stack a second birch slice.  Repeat until your pumpkin “stem” is as long (or short) as you’d like it!  I curved my stems to the side a little.

Stack the Birch Slice Stem

Step three:

Tie some raffia ribbon or a fun fall colored ribbon around your pumpkin stem to complete your Hexagon Pumpkins!   This step is optional of course, but I love the fun touch it added to the finished pumpkins.  You could also add some fall leaves, or a wire vine twist to your pumpkins if you wanted too!

Add a ribbon or Embellishment

Add a painted Jack-O-Lantern face to the pumpkins for a Halloween specific look, or leave them plain and keep them out all season long!

Simple Hexagon Pumpkins

When do you decorate for Fall? Do you combine your Fall decor with Halloween or do you keep them separate?

Easy Hexagon Pumpkins with Walnut Hollow #pumpkins

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