Speech Bubble Thanksgiving Tablescape

Fall has arrived here in full swing, and with the cooler temperatures arriving my mind has switched gears to prepare for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s one of the few times each year when we can come together as an extended family and catch up, and share our thanks.  Every year we sit around the Thanksgiving table and we recount all of the things we’ve had to be thankful for. It’s one of my favorite moments of the year.  This year I wanted to create a tablescape that captured that moment and brought it out onto the physical table.  I used the super cute Walnut Hollow Speech Bubble shapes to do it, and I think it turned out so fun.  I’m so excited to share my Thankful Speech Bubble tablescape with you today!

Create a fun Thanksgiving Tablescape with Walnut Hollow Speech Bubble Shapes #thanksgiving #tablescape #walnuthollow

Supplies needed to create a Speech Bubble Thanksgiving Tablescape:

Thanksgiving Tablescape Supplies

Step one:

Paint or stain the speech bubbles, divided tray, rounded trunk, and wood slats.  I used a grey stain, but you could use any color that fits your style or even leave the wood in its natural state. Allow your paint or stain to dry completely.

Paint or Stain the wood items for your table

Step two:

Use wood glue to attach the wood slat to the oval speech bubble.  Clamp in place and allow to dry completely.

Wood Glue Slats

Step three:

Apply a clear chalkboard coating to the speech bubbles.  The clear chalkboard coating allows you to paint or stain your wood any color you wish, but still use it as a chalkboard.  Neat huh?!  Apply two coats of the chalkboard coating and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours before use.   After it has cured, rub the surface with chalk and wipe off to prime for use.

Clear Chalkboard Coating

Write your thanksgiving messages on the speech bubble chalkboards, or use them to write your guests names on!

Speech Bubble Chalkboard Charger

Step four:

Now you can set your table!  I covered my table with a white tablecloth.  I used burlap and fabric runners.  Place the divided tray in the center of the table.

Autumn Centerpiece tablescape

Add a mason jar or glass vase to each divided section.  Fill with fall foliage, and add pumpkins or other fall embellishments in empty spaces.

Fill the centerpiece with fall foliage

Place add the speech bubble that you glued to the wood slat into one of the vases in the center of the fall foliage.

Give Thanks Speech Bubble

Use the Rectangle Speech Bubbles for plate chargers.  Add your thanksgiving messages, names, or other little notes to each place setting.

Speech Bubble Charger Place Settings

Step five:

Place paper strips in the Rounded trunk, add some pens to allow a place for your guests to write down things they are thankful for.  The cute little chest fits nicely on the table beside your centerpiece without getting in the way. It holds lots of folded up thankful thoughts in it too!

Things I'm Thankful For Chest

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions you love and look forward to each year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Give Thanks Tablescape



After studying Culinary Arts in Portland Oregon, Kelli went back home to the sunny South West where she decided she wanted to do different kinds of Art. This busy mom of three spends all of her available free time creating in her Craft Shack “she shed” where she can be found burning wood, repurposing old stuff, crafting, and painting just about anything she can get her hands on.


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