7 Ways to use the Display Rack

January is always a big time for me to get organized.  I don’t think I’m alone in this! After all of the holiday decor comes down, I tend to realize what a cluttered mess things have gotten.  So every year, about this time, I get that urge to organize! I think walls are often overlooked as spaces to get organized.  But sometimes vertical space is the best space for things! When you don’t have enough cupboard space (and really, who does?!) these Walnut Hollow Display Racks come in handy!  I’m excited to share with you 7 of the ways I’ve found to use them!

7 ways to get organized for the new year with the Walnut Hollow Display Rack

Supplies needed:

Walnut Hollow Display Racks

First, prep your display rack.  I did not find the need to sand any of my display racks, they came ready to paint and stain.

Painting the Display Rack White

Paint or stain the display racks however you wish to fit your decor.  I painted some racks and stained others.  You could also leave the beautiful wood in its natural state if you prefer.

Staining the display rack

After the finish of your choosing is dry, add your hanging hardware to the back of the display rack.

Adding hanging hardware to the back of the display rack

Mount the display racks on the wall anywhere you need storage.

Here are the fun ways I found to use my display racks:

Craft Supplies:

These display racks are perfect for storing craft paints and ribbon also fit so well on the racks! The spools sit nicely on the top.

Adding Craft Supplies to the Display Rack Shelves - Paint and Ribbon

Flip the display rack over for a solid shelf surface to place decorative items, and use S hooks to hang things like paint brushes, or scissors!

Display Rack in the Craft Room

Notebooks and pens also fit well on the display rack.

Display Rack Notebooks

Home office:

Use the display rack to hold your devices while they charge.  Add S hooks to hold keys, purses, umbrellas, hats, scarves or anything else you wish to hang!  Books fit nicely too!

Display Racks Charging Station


The Display Rack is perfect for organizing your spices.  The spice bottles fit perfectly!

Display Rack to hold Spices

You can also store your favorite small cookbooks, and add S hooks to hold kitchen utensils and towels too.

Display rack kitchen utensils


A Bathroom is a great place for the display racks as well.  Turn the shelf upside down and use as a decorative ledge, with S hooks you can hang your necklaces or bracelets.  Store makeup, use as a tie rack,  or you could even hang towels from the S hooks!

Bathroom Display Rack

What kind of organizing will you be doing this month? There are so many more ways to use these amazing Display Racks!  If you have a great way to use them, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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