Turn a Hexagon Shelf into a Table Lamp

When you look beyond the typical use of an item, you might be surprised what you can find!  I love these Walnut Hollow Hexagon Shelves. They are amazing on any wall.  The inner shelf gives them even more functionality, and they are so fun and easy to customize.  I wanted to take this design that I love so much and add it into other aspects of my home so I decided to turn two of these shelves into a table lamp!  It was surprisingly quick and easy, and you need minimal supplies to do it.  Plus, they’re still fully customizable for any home decor!


Turn these Walnut Hollow Hexagon Shelves into delightfully unique table lamps! #repurpose #lamp #walnuthollow


Supplies needed to make a Hexagon Table Lamp:


Hexagon Table Lamp Supplies


Step one:

First, Glue the two shelves together.  In order to make the lamp base wider and more stable, apply wood glue to the frame of one shelf, and stack the second shelf onto it.  Clamp into place, wipe off any drips and allow to dry completely.

Glue the two shelves together side by side to increase lamp stability


Two shelves together made the perfect width for my lamp base.


Step two:

Stain or paint your Hexagon Lamp base any color you’d like to match your home decor.  I chose to stain my shelves.  Whichever you choose, cover the shelves completely, inside and out, and allow to dry before moving on.

Stain or paint the hexagon shelves


Step three:

Using a drill with a spade bit, drill a hole in the top center of your hexagon shelf lamp base. The hole needs to be wide enough for your lamp kit base to sit in it, and to thread your electrical cord through.

Drill a hole on the top of your lamp base


Step four:

Next, follow the instructions on your lamp kit to assemble the lamp.  Secure to your hexagon shelves with glue, if needed.   Mine sat almost perfectly snug on my shelves, but I added just a small amount of glue in the hole I drilled just for some extra added stability.   Add a lightbulb and test to make sure you’ve wired correctly.  It was pretty straight forward and I found the wiring instructions on my kit were sufficient to assemble.   You can find a lamp kit at most hardware stores, or online.

Assemble and wire your lamp kit, attach to the hexagon shelves, and add a lightbulb

You can secure the cord to the sides of the hexagon shelf with cord holders to make it less noticeable if you’d like.  I didn’t mind seeing the cord on mine.


Step five:

Add a lampshade to your lamp and you can add decorative items to the shelf.

Add a lampshade to your lamp and turn it on!


I’ve found the little shelves aren’t just great for decorative items. If your lamp is near a TV, it also is a great place to store television remotes.  It’s great to set watches or jewelry on too if it’s beside your bed instead.   So many uses!

Hexagon Shelf Table Lamp

Where would you put this awesome, unique Hexagon Table lamp in your home?  Which other fun wood Walnut Hollow items would you turn into a lamp, now that you see how easy it is?!


After studying Culinary Arts in Portland Oregon, Kelli went back home to the sunny South West where she decided she wanted to do different kinds of Art. This busy mom of three spends all of her available free time creating in her Craft Shack “she shed” where she can be found burning wood, repurposing old stuff, crafting, and painting just about anything she can get her hands on.

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