25 EASY Wood Burning Projects

Today we are featuring 25 EASY wood burning projects that you are sure to love.

Have you been wanting to try out wood burning but felt intimidated, or weren’t quite sure what to make? Well, we’ve gathered 25 easy wood burning projects to help inspire you to create your own!  Whether you want to make a gift for someone, or are just looking for a new craft to try, making a table or party decor, there’s a creative wood burning project idea you’ll love. So grab your Creative Versa-Tool and let’s get crafting!

25 EASY Wood Burning Projects Walnut Hollow Blog

We love to see the versatility of the projects featured-from cutting boards, to decorative boxes, check out the easy tutorials for these wood burning projects.

Wood Burning Projects Using Walnut Hollow Supplies

The creativity of these wood burning projects are just amazing! Add detail to furniture, wooden spoons and our popular basswood country rounds.

Walnut Hollow Wood Burning Crafts

Add unique detail to your garden with wood carved markers. How about a thoughtful gift idea with a cherished recipe wood burned on a cutting board? These ideas will inspire you to create your own wood burning projects!

Wood Burning Ideas Walnut Hollow

Can you imagine writing with these beautifully detailed pencils each day? Add a journal to it for a Father’s Day Gift Idea.  What about giving plain dog bowls a personalized look? Check out the easy how-to’s!

Wood Burning Projects Walnut Hollow

We hope you enjoyed these creative wood burning projects and would love to see what  you have created using our Creative Versa Tool. You may also like to see these creative DIY wood slice projects here.



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