Reversible First Day and Last Day of School Sign

If you’re getting ready to send your kids back to school this cute sign is perfect for that first-day photo op! Turn the sign around and it also doubles as the last day of school sign too. With the adorable little chalkboard addition, you can use it year after year as you watch your children grow.  The Walnut Hollow Rectangle Framed sign is perfect for the project.  You can use both sides of the sign, so there is no need to make two different signs for the first day and the last day of school.   Print out the free tracing guide included in this tutorial to make easy.

Reversible First Day / Last Day of School Sign with customizable grade level insert #backtoschool #photoprop #school

Here’s what you’ll need:

First day of school sign supplies

Step one:

Download and Print out the tracing guides.  You can get the First Day, Last Day, and School Image Set by clicking those links here.  Place the graphite transfer paper onto your rectangle framed sign.  Add the Tracing printables over them, and secure them in place with some removable masking tape.  Using a pen or pencil, trace the outline of the design.

Trace the image onto the sign using graphite transfer paper

Step two:

Paint the design onto the framed sign.  I used acrylic paint in bright primary and secondary colors for my sign. You can easily customize it to any color scheme you want!

Paint the design onto the sign

Use the School image set to add the additional details on the bottom of the sign, and paint those too.

Add details

Paint the Rectangle Mini Thin Plaque with chalkboard paint and allow to cure following the directions on your brand of paint.

Mini Thin Plaque Chalkboard

Allow all of the paint to dry fully.  Flip the sign over and use the Last Day of school tracing image to do that side.

Step Three:

Use chalk to write in the grade level on the Rectangle Mini Thin Plaque.  You can move it from one side of the sign to the other and secure with tape or a removable adhesive strip.

Use chalk to write the grade level on the mini plaque chalkboard


And now you have two signs in one!  On the First Day of School side, it says “I am in ___ Grade”

First day of School sign


And on the Last Day of School side it says “Done with ____ Grade”

Last Day of School Sign

Right now with my tiny little first grader, the sign looks so large!

First day of School back to School Sign

I’m excited to see it “shrink” as she grows each year!

Last Day of School Sign

Do you take first day/last day of school pictures each year? When does school start where you live? We have two more weeks of summer left!   Pop on over to the website and grab your Rectangle Framed sign! There’s still plenty of time to get this cute sign done before school starts!


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After studying Culinary Arts in Portland Oregon, Kelli went back home to the sunny South West where she decided she wanted to do different kinds of Art. This busy mom of three spends all of her available free time creating in her Craft Shack “she shed” where she can be found burning wood, repurposing old stuff, crafting, and painting just about anything she can get her hands on.

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