DIY Stenciled and Stained Art Display Board

The ability to display your personal photos and pieces of art on the walls is one of those things that can make a house feel like a home. The new Walnut Hollow Art Display with Rails is perfect for personalizing to hang your photos, artwork, or even to hold notes.  These lovely display boards come ready to paint, stain or wood burn.  Today I want to share a fun method of personalization involving some stencils and stain.

Stained and Stenciled Art Display Board

Supplies needed:

Art Display With Rails

Step one:

Attach your stencil of choice to your Art Display board.  I used a vinyl stencil I cut out, and I only used a portion of the stencil on the board.  The stencil was approximately 7×9 inches in size. If you are using a plastic stencil, use a spray adhesive to hold it in place.

Step two:

This step is super important if you don’t want your stencil to bleed.  Using a clear sealant in a matte finish, paint over the stencil.  Several mediums work for this step.  You can use a clear varnish, a decoupage glue, clear wax (which is what I used) or any other finishing sealer that dries clear.  Paint over the stencil completely.  this adds a barrier to help keep the paint from bleeding under your stencil lines.  Don’t cover the whole display board.  Just the stencil.

add a clear coat of sealant to avoid stencil bleeding


Allow the clear sealant to dry completely.


Step three:

Dab paint over the stencil until covered.  I used a chalky finish off white paint.    One thin coat of paint is perfect for this project.

paint inside the stencil


Peel back the stencil while the paint is still wet to avoid tearing off paint when you peel.


peel the stencil while the paint is still wet

Beautiful crisp lines! Allow the paint to dry completely.


Step four:

Using a soft, lint-free cloth, stain the Art Display board.  I chose a dark walnut stain for my project because it matches other wood finishes in my house.  Any color of the stain will work.   The darker the stain is, the darker your design will be, however.    Rub the stain gently over the entire board, and wipe off any excess.

stain the board


Allow the stain to dry completely and seal the finished piece if you desire.

Stained Stencil

I love the look of the stencil under the stain and the stained wood pieces inside the stencil.

Step five:

Glue a photo clip to the Art Display with Rails.   Allow the glue to dry completely.

Stained and Stenciled Art Display Board

Using the attached Jute String, hang your beautiful Art Display and easily clip up a photo or work of art.  Changing your picture or artwork out without having to take the display down is a huge bonus!

Hang a photo, notes or work of art on your new display board


What would you display on the Art Display with Rails? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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