Make this Hanging Tree Sign Planter

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the new growth when everything is waking up again after winter.  Growing things makes me happy, and if you’re the same way, I think you’ll enjoy this fun hanging wall planter!  Combining these great Walnut Hollow Tree Signs, with the Classic Card Keeper box makes a planter you can hang on the wall if you don’t have available surface areas for your indoor, or outdoor plants.

DIY Hanging Tree Sign Wall Planter with wood burned design.

Supplies needed:

hanging planter supplies


Step one: 

Print out this free Grow printable tracing pattern.  Using transfer paper under the pattern, trace the design onto the front of your card keeper box.  Trace the design with your Creative Woodburner using the ball point.

wood burn the grow design onto your card keeper box

Step two:

Stain or paint the card keeper box and sign.

Stain or paint the card keeper box and sign

I chose to use both stain and paint. I stained the frame of the tree sign, and my card keeper box and I painted the sign and trees with craft paint.

Paint the trees on the sign

Allow the stain and the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.


Step three:

Use wood glue to attach the card keeper box to the front of the sign.  Set something heavy on top to push the box down firmly, and allow to dry completely.

Glue the box to the sign


Step four:

If you are planning to put a living plant inside your hanging planter, you will need to line the inside of the card keeper box with a plastic plant lining.  Put some rocks or other drainage material at the bottom to ensure your plant’s roots don’t rot in water.   Put your plant in the planter and hang in a sunny location using your preferred hanging hardware.

Hanging Grow Wall Sign and Planter


Right now I have a silk plant in mine.  I fully intend to find the perfect living plant for it soon though! Do you have a green thumb?  If not, you can stick to the silk greenery and it will still look beautiful.  You can pop on over to the website to grab your card keeper box and framed sign and get building your own hanging planter.

Hanging Tree Sign Wall Planter


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