Add a Wood Burned design to the Bark Edge Letter Board

One of my favorite additions to the Walnut Hollow collection is the Bark Edge Letter Board. The new letter board comes with a set of letters that fit in the pre-routed lines perfectly so you can create fun messages on the gorgeous wood surface with ease. It’s such a beautiful, and fun item just by itself, but I wanted to show you today how simple it is to customize one with some wood burning.  I used the amazing Creative Woodburner to add some simple floral corners.  I’m going to share the free printable tracing guide with you so you can do the same!

Add a simple floral design to the gorgeous Walnut Hollow Bark Edge Letter Board for a beautiful, on trend, message center!


Supplies needed:

Project Supplies


Step one:

To make wood burning the design easier, first, we’ll trace it onto the wood.  Lay your graphite transfer paper shiny side down on the wood, and place the printed floral corner on top.  Line them both up at the top corner of the letter board.  Hold in place with a couple pieces of masking tape.    Use your pen or pencil to lightly trace the design on the printable.  After you’ve completed tracing the lines, remove the tape from the paper, and move to the opposite corner.  Repeat.

Trace the design onto the board using graphite transfer paper


Step two:

Attach the ball point to your Creative Woodburner and turn it on high.  Burn the floral corner design into the wood.  Use slow and steady pressure and follow the lines of the design that you’ve traced onto the wood.

use your creative woodburner to burn the design into the wood.


Step three:

Attach a leather strap to the board for hanging purposes.  I used small decorative tacks to attach the ends of a leather strap to the sides of the Bark Edge Board so that it was easy to hang the letter board on a wall.  You could also use your favorite hanging hardware, or set it on an easel if you’d rather not hang it!

Floral Peony Corners wood burned letter board

To remove the letters from the plastic mount they come attached to, a small snip with some sharp scissors works.  There are plenty of letters, numbers, punctuation and even fun designs to make your messages.

Bark Edge Letter Board

If you’re feeling like you want to add some color, you can paint in the wood burned design.  See this post here for some great ways you can add color to wood burned designs!

Add color to your beautiful wood-burned designs for a fun pop of fun!

You could also spray paint the plastic letters if you wanted to add a pop of color that way! I’m loving the beautiful natural look of the lovely Basswood board myself.  What message would you write on your Bark Edge Letter Board?  Be sure to tag us with your finished projects!

Walnut Hollow Bark Edge Letter Board

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