Reversible Fall and Winter Wood Burned Sign

Reversible Fall and Winter Woodburned sign

I have focused a lot this year on downsizing in many areas of my life.  One of my favorite ways to downsize and declutter is to keep things that are multi-functional.  That includes seasonal decorations.  I love that these beautiful … Continue reading

Rustic Wood Burned Planter Tablescape

  Holidays where family gathers for large meals, are great for festive tablescapes. This woodburned centerpiece combines two Rustic Wood Ledges with a Small and an Extra Large Basswood Country Plank. It can hold candles, flowers, sauces, hors d’oeuvres, wine, … Continue reading

Rustic wood fall centerpiece with wood burned quote

Fall is here and all the beautiful colors are creating great inspiration for decorating! I decided to try wood burning a quote into a beautiful piece of rustic wood to make a centerpiece for all my fall events. Here is … Continue reading

Rustic Cork Tray

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Cork Tray with logo

Start saving corks from wine bottles now!  They are fun to use just as they are, or, in this case, I cut them down the center so I could adhere the flat side to each long edge of a Basswood Country Plank®. These Rustic Cork Trays would be perfect to use as a serving tray, tabletop display or to actually use for a buffet table filled with food.


IMG_2386I used a Basswood Country Plank, Medium for my project. It measures approximately 13” long and 10” or so wide. The Basswood Country Planks come in a variety of sizes, so choose the best for your project.

To stencil the design down the center of the Plank, use a pencil and ruler to mark the center and tape the stencil template in place. I used a DCWV 12” x 12” Stencil. It included a variety of stencil designs and I liked the arrows. I used a soft sponge to stencil arrows with DecoArt® Americana® Burnt Orange and Slate Grey. Notice that the Burnt Orange arrows go in one direction while the Slate Grey arrows go in the opposite direction.

The trick to successful stenciling is to use very little paint on the sponge. It’s always best to apply two light coats of paint rather than one heavy coat that might “leak” under the stencil surface.

Now for cutting the corks in half – following the manufacturer’s instructions on the outside and inside of the Creative Versa-Tool® packaging, tape the Tool Stand to your work surface. Use pliers to attach the Hot Knife Point in the tool and place the tool on the stand. Plug into an electric outlet and dial the Versa-Temp control to the Orange Zone. Let heat for 4-5 minutes.

Use the Hot Knife Point to slice down the center of each cork to cut it into2 sections. For a strong adhesion between the cork and Plank surface, use Tombow® MONO Multi Liquid Glue. It’s the best!

For a protective finish on the wood surface, it’s a good idea to varnish the Planks well with either 2-3 coats of spray or brush-on varnish.

If you plan to place food on the surface of the Plank, use paper doilies or some type of covering so the food doesn’t stain the wood.


By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Walnut Hollow Crafts | Thankful Wood Burning

I’m THANKFUL that we are doing a Blog Hop this week with Quietfire Design. Suzanne Cannon, founder and owner of Quietfire Design, and I have been friends for a few years now and we enjoy working together. It’s wonderful to have a Blog Hop with Quietfire Design using our products together and sharing ideas for the upcoming holiday season.


40561____BASSWOOD_COUNTRY_ROUND_THICK_STRAIGHT_CUT_7-9-Main_Image[1]Since Thanksgiving comes a little earlier in Canada than in the United States, we wanted to share ideas now for Thanksgiving. Using Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Rounds® and Basswood Country Planks® for your table, you can create a warm, inviting, natural atmosphere.


I love the calligraphy that Suzanne creates and making stamps for all of us to use gives us a chance to enjoy her creations over and over again. Using Quietfire Design Being Thankful Stamp Set, I decided to be bold and wood burn the stamped word “Thankful”. When I say ‘bold’, it’s because I was hoping I could wood burn Suzanne’s lettering well enough to maintain the beauty of each letter!



I used the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool® to wood burn the word using a Mini Flow Point (sold separately). I used the Mini Flow Point because it feels like you are writing with a ball point pen and it is an easy way to begin wood burning if you have never tried it. You could also use the Creative Woodburner® Value Pen. All Walnut Hollow wood burning tools and points are interchangeable.

Before using Walnut Hollow hot tools, please be sure to read all of the information and safety hints on and inside the box or packaging and before you proceed. It’s also a good idea to practice a little on some scrap pieces of wood so you are comfortable with wood burning – it’s not hard at all, but takes a little practice just like any craft that is new for you. You can watch a video here to help:


Stamp the wood piece using a light ink color. I wanted to make sure that I saw all the little parts of each letter well, so I chose to use ColorBox® Clearsnap® Mudslide. I didn’t want it to be too dark so I stamped first on paper, then stamped on the wood. For the Basswood Country Planks® that are being used for plate chargers, I stamped on both bark-edged side.



I began the wood burning on the letter “h” – no real reason, but I think I was scared to start with the fancy “T”! After I burned a few letters, I went back to the “T” once I was confident in what I was doing.


Here’s a close up of the finished wood burning for the plate chargers.


I used the same process to wood burning on the Basswood Country Round® that will be used as a trivet. This particular Country Round style is Thick. The wood is safe for serving – it is never treated with anything during our process of cutting and drying to prevent warping and cracks. You can use bowls and plates on the wood piece, however, if you decide to place food directly on it without a plate, it’s best to wipe the surface first with mineral oil. I also use a doily, simply to protect the surface from any of the food staining the wood.

OK – now you know how to wood burn using the beautiful Quitefire Design stamps. It’s time to start creating your Thanksgiving (or anytime!) plate chargers. Go on…… can do it!

Thanks for stopping by to see my Thankful Chargers and Trivets! Now go see what Wanda and Teresa have created!

Rustic Gameboard

Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

This is just the right project if you need a quick and easy Gameboard for a gift or for your own family to use.


I started with a blank Basswood Country Plank and left it just that way – without painting it at all.

I chose the papers I wanted to use and made sure that I had a definite contrast in the papers – think traditional checkerboards with red and black. Once I had the papers picked out, I cut them into 1 ¼” squares – you’ll need 64 of them.


Working from the center of the wood Plank, I started gluing my paper squares into place until I had 8 rows across and 8 rows down. I use Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue to adhere the squares. 


Adhere the longer strips of decorative papers to the top and bottom of the Plank. To add a special touch I added Decorivets from Vintaj over the paper. Just use a mallet or small hammer to attach the prongs on the Decorivets to the wood through the paper.


The last thing I did was to spray the game pieces – stars. I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists  in colors to match the papers used. Once the pieces were dry on one side, I flipped them over and sprayed the other side. It was easy to cover the edges with the mist too.

No need to put this Gameboard away when not being used. It’s a decorative piece that can stay out all the time! A nice way for your family to spend more time together.


FLY! SING! SOAR! Coat Rack

FLY! SING! SOAR! Coat Rack

Designed by Marie Browning for Walnut Hollow®

Our friend, Marie Browning, is back again to share another creative piece of artwork. She used a new item from Walnut Hollow, a Basswood Country Plank – 23″. It is so fun to open Marie’s shipping boxes when we know one of her projects is inside! This time was no exception.


This country coat rack is as functional as it is decorative! Perfect for a country decor entranceway or cabin. Simple stamping and decoupage techniques will have you creating and using this piece all in one day.


  • Walnut Hollow #39751  Basswood Country Plank – 23″
  • Decorative cardstock – black and white patterned
  • Black permanent dye inkpad
  • Clean, dry stencil brush
  • 1” high alphabet stamps (alternately you can use an alphabet stencil)
  • Decoupage medium – matte finish
  • 4 small hooks, antique copper finish
  • Pencil, ruler and white eraser

Prepare the plank and add the words

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.44.02 PM      Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.44.18 PM

Add any hanging hardware to the back of the plaque before decorating.

Apply a coat of decoupage medium to the plank surface, including the bark edge. let dry completely.

With the pencil and ruler, mark on your guidelines for the lettering and line the birds will sit on.

Stamp or stencil on the lettering. Use the permanent black pen to draw in the line at the bottom of the plank. Remove any pencil lines using the white eraser.

Decoupage on Bird Silhouettes

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 1.44.29 PM

Use the bird patterns and cut out the birds from the decorative paper. Distress all the edges on the bird using the black ink pad and a stencil brush. Decoupage the birds in place using the decoupage medium. When dry, apply a finishing coat of the decoupage medium over the entire surface and edges. Let dry completely.


Add the hooks along the line, and in-between the birds.  You are now ready to hang up and use your coat rack!

Walnut Hollow’s Signature Wood Pieces

We have 2 new styles of our signature wood pieces.


The BW Country Rounds have been around for 40 years – they previously were made out of walnut rather than basswood. Nancy, the wife of our founder Dave Ladd, would create unique decoupage projects from cross cut pieces of wood taken from the family tree farm. This idea led Mr. Ladd to develop our very first product line, Walnut Country Rounds which he debuted at the 1972 Hobby Industry of America show in Chicago, IL. Although unable to actually attend the show, he enticed prospective customers with Wisconsin cheese and crackers outside of the convention center. Soon, Mr. Ladd found himself with Walnut Hollow’s first hit product. And this was before he had any manufacturing capabilities! But thanks to significant community support, Mr. Ladd and Walnut Hollow were able to meet the demand for our high-quality products.

First Product


Since then, our product line has grown to include more and more natural wood surfaces, panels and plaques for arts and crafts. One of those surfaces is Basswood Country Rounds®, which is the successor to the original Walnut Country Round. Also, thanks to Mr. Ladd’s son Scott and his interest and talent in wood burning, our company has become renowned for its extensive line of wood burning tools and accessories. Wood burning (or pyrography) has become an important aspect of our business.