BOO Time!

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Time for some Throwback Thursday Blogs! Hope you enjoy appropriate Blogs that we will repeat and hope you enjoy one more time………pun intended!

Boo Clock

It’s getting to be a scary “time” of the year and “time” for Halloween! So…….I thought it was “time” for a  Halloween Clock. I saw these great Halloween buttons by Buttons Galore & More many months ago and wanted to use them to make a Clock. They have lots more Halloween styles and Buttons Galore – check them out here:

I started by misting a small wood clock with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Black Magic. Great name for the color. Look closely at the finished clock and you can see the gold glimmer. Love using this mist – so easy and there is never a need to seal the wood first. In fact, you shouldn’t seal the wood before using Glimmer Mist.


While the mist is drying, choose the button pieces out of the package that you want to represent the numbers. Once you have them picked out, you’ll need to cut the shank off the back of the buttons.  I used a heavy duty pair of scissors or use a wire cutter tool. It is a good idea to also use a sanding stick to sand down more of the shank to get the back of the button as flat as possible.

cut shanks

sanding shanks

Once the buttons are prepared, place a Power Tab from Tombow® over the cut shank. Power Tabs really work the best for embellishments and things like this. Remove the backing from the Tab and press the button in place.

cover shank

I used this clock movement since I already had my “numbers” on the clock. Follow the manufactures directions on the back of the package to attach the movement and hands on the clock surface. Add an AA battery, set the time and you’re ready to hang your clock.



Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween Clock again………..check back tomorrow for a great new, and EASY, Halloween project – I think you’ll like it!


by Chris Wallace


It was fun turning a Basswood Canvas into a clock! Of course, anything you can drill a hole in can become a clock. You’ll need to use a 3/8” drill bit for the correct size hole in the item to hold any Walnut Hollow® clock movement.


Start by using a pencil and ruler to find the center of the Basswood Canvas  – I used one that was 8” x 8”. Drill the hole in the center, then you’re ready to stain the wood.


To add color to the wood, it was really easy to use Tim Holtz® Distress Stains (Spiced Marmalade, Wild Honey, Frayed Burlap and Peeled Paint) because you can simply use the sponge applicators on the bottles to both add the color and blend the colors together.


After the Stains were completely dry – they dry quickly – I stamped the surface with Tim Holtz® Clear Stamps – Urban Grunge. Use Imagine Crafts Versa-Fine™ Ink to stamp each image.

Add the chain and hammer small nails just above the chandlier stamped images to hold the chain in place – the other end of the chain is nailed to the edge of the Canvas. Add a Tim Holtz® Idea-ology® Ornate Plate in the center of the Canvas so the clock movement shaft will be in the center. Glue the Plate with Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue for a secure adhesion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA26162 HotStamps Trilingual

OK. Now comes the fun part! Use the Creative Versa-Tool® with the Alphabet Hot Stamps to add the word T-I-M-E-K-E-E-P-E-R.

After reading all manufacturer’s instructions found inside the Creative Versa-Tool, use pliers to attach “R” Hot Stamp alphabet letter on the Tool. Secure the Tool Stand to your work surface with tape. Place the tool on the stand and plug into an electric outlet, turn the Versa-Temp control dial between the Orange and Red Zones and heat for 4-5 minutes.


I started at the top right corner of the Canvas and spelled the word backwards to ensure that the spacing was correct. Begin with hot stamping the letter “R”. Remove the letter with pliers and drop the letter into a glass or ceramic dish. Attach the letter E” on tool and proceed with each letter until you are finished. When the word is complete, turn the Versa-Temp control to “O” (OFF) and let cool on stand.


Now you are ready to add the clock movement, hands and numbers. For this clock, I used a clock movement with a 3/8″ shaft to fit the thickness of the wood surface.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe back of the package has the instructions for attaching the clock movement to the Canvas. Just follow along. Once you have the hands on as instructed, place the adhesive numbers that are included with the clock movement at the 12 – 3 – 6 – and 9 o’clock positions. I start with 12, move straight down to the 6, then go to the 3 and 9.

Add the AA battery, set the time and your TIMEKEEPER is ready to hang on the wall or sit on a tabletop for display.

Simple Pallet Clock

Fuschia ClockI had a lot of fun making this simple clock. It was a very quick project that turned out really nice! It did not take many supplies. The only non Walnut Hollow Products I used were the paints.


I used the Rustic Pallet, 14″ x 12″. This pallet is Rough-hewn pine with uneven slats. Beautiful knots add a rustic flare to the pallet.

I stared by finding the center of the middle slat. I used a pencil to mark the exact point.


Then using a 3/4 inch drill bit, I drilled through the point that I had marked.


I took some Americana “Khaki Tan” paint and added a lot of water. I painted the whole piece with the very watered down mixture- except for one slat.


I used Americana Vivid Violet to cover the unpainted slat. I did not water this down at all- I wanted it to be as Vivid as Violet gets.


I then attached a Walnut Hollow Clock Movement and my favorite Clock Hands according to the instructions included in the packages.


This clock was really simple to make. I would highly recommend it to any beginner crafter or DIY enthusiast. I think it turned out really well!