Fabric Flower Card Keeper Box

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow


I have many favorite Walnut Hollow pieces, but I really think that this Card Keeper Box is my all-time-favorite! Love the slide lid, it’s large enough to categorize your cards with dividers, and each Box holds about 50 cards or so depending on the embellishments you add to each card. I like to make cards and store them all year round to give as gifts to friends – and I use some of them too because people really like to receive things in the mail and handmade cards just add to the happiness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, I think I’ve told you that I’m a quilter too. When I found out that several paper companies were working with fabric companies, I knew I was going to have fun playing with matching paper and fabric. I found a charm pack (pre-cut 5” squares) that matched some paper I had and I was ready to make some new cards and a Card Keeper Box. You’ll need to basecoat your Card Keeper Box first to match the fabrics you will be using.

IMG_2151Clover® makes several styles of Kanzaski Flower Makers. I used the Pointed Petal, Large version to create 4 flowers (one for each side and the lid) out of the fabric squares.

IMG_2145Each of the 5 petals used a different fabric just for the front of the Box. The other flowers had all the same petals. Once the petals came together to create the flower, I finished them off with antique black button centers.

IMG_2143Using my sewing machine, I created a small quarter-square triangle unit using 2 different fabric squares. I cut them down to measure 4”. To decorate the sides (excluding the front), choose different 5” charm pieces and adhere them using an iron to 5” squares of fast2fuse® craft interfacing by C&T Publishing.

IMG_2147Press and stitch the quarter square triangle blocks using a decorative onto the 5” fused squares. You can either adhere the squares onto the wood box with an iron or use a liquid adhesive for fabric.

IMG_2146For the front of the box, offset the 5” fabric square and the fused plain fabric square to the printed square. I stitched on only 2 sides that were touching then added the 3 black buttons on the side.

Now that the Card Keeper Box is complete – it’s time to make the cards!