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Tropical Wall Sconce Tutorial by Dana Tatar

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Kid’s Crafty Keepsake Box

Hello everyone!!  Kymona here!!  How many of you have children or children in your life that you travel with?  I have two, a 18 year old son and a 9 year old daughter and we travel all the time.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, we will hit the open road very soon.

My son is self-sufficient now but my daughter has her things all over the place.  When we travel she can’t find half of her belongings.

So I decided that she needs a one stop shop for her crafting supplies that she could use at home and on the road.  Walnut Hollow products are perfect for creating unique, custom home decor and DIY projects for kids. 

Take a look at what I created for her:

Take a look at the inside:

See, a one stop shop for all of her crafty supplies for home and travel.

Let me show you how you can recreate this box for yourself or a little one in your life.

Take a look at all of the supplies plus the Keepsake Box the you need for this project:

You need:

  1. (1) Walnut Hallow Keepsake Box
  2. (2) bottles of  acrylic paint, any color that you fancy
  3. (1-2) sponge paintbrushes
  4. Glue Dots
  5. Strong holding adheasive
  6. (1) 6 x 8 inch frame
  7.  A couple of coloring pages from Adornit
  8. Hooks and Tabs

Step one:

Paint the Keepsake Box with your base color. Walnut Hollow products are easy to use and customize.

Make sure you paint the inside edges of the box as well.

Please allow the box to dry before you close it, otherwise the box will dry shut.

Step Two:

Note: The frame that I used to create the holder for this box was take apart prior to me adding any glue.

You have to add glue to the side of the frame that will adhere to the side of the box, not the side that sits on top of the box.  If you glue the wrong side, the coloring sheets will not slide in.

Step Three:

Add the frame pieces to the box one at a time.

Step Four:

While the frame panels dry, paint the letters that you will add to the front of the box, any color you desire. I didn’t get to photograph the painting of the letters.

Once the letters are dry, turn them over and add strong adhesive to the back.

Note: Before you add adhesive to the letters, lay them out on the box so you know where each letter will be placed. It eliminates the guess work. 

Step Five:

Add each letter to the box, one at a time.  I started with the first and the last letter.

Step Six:

Now onto the fun part.  Cut your coloring page to fit inside the frame. This coloring sheet was cut to 6.50 by 8.50. Slide the page into up place.

Perfect fit.  The letters do not get in the way at all.  They are thin enough for the pages to slide past them and they are big enough to stop the pages from falling out.

Step Seven:

Decorating the frame is easy.

Add a couple of embellishments around the frame, will give the entire box a personality.

Now its time to add crafty stuff inside.

Step Eight:

Add all of your coloring supplies inside the box.

Step Nine:

To keep the coloring pages safe and clean.  Add a protective slip to the inside cover with glue dots. That way the plastic stays in place.

Add the extra coloring pages to the protective sheets.

Add a hook and tab closure to keep them in place.


Creating this box took about an hour, which included drying time.

Take a look at my daughter using her new box:

She changed out the coloring page for one she wanted to color.

Getting her coloring done.

I’m so excited about my daughter new Crafty Keepsake Box!! She will have tons of fun where ever she goes with this box.  No more, “are we there yet”!!

What do you think?  Would you or your little benefit from a box like this?  I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think below.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the Walnut Hollow Instagram for tons more inspiration and project ideas!

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Kymona Tracey specializes in paper crafting, knitting, and is slowing learning brush lettering which you will find on her blog Kreative Kymona.  Kymona’t style is clean and simple and she creates at midnight when her best ideas shows up!!