Cork Trays

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

When you plan your next Wine Party, keep these in mind! They are really easy to make and will add a special touch to your party décor.



I started with the Rustic Pallet, 7.63” x 7.63” – and flipped them to use the bottom for my project. Using a medium flat brush, I painted the wood with a wash of DecoArt® American® acrylic paints – Burnt Orange and Hauser Medium Green.

Use Tombow® MONO Multi Liquid Glue to adhere 6” square cork tiles to the center. Use the same glue to adhere used corks – you probably have a collection of them somewhere! – along 2 edges of the Pallet.

You can use these a couple ways – either as serving pieces for your wine and appetizers or make one for each guest to use to hold their wine glass (it won’t slip on the cork!) and food.