Simple Pallet Clock

Fuschia ClockI had a lot of fun making this simple clock. It was a very quick project that turned out really nice! It did not take many supplies. The only non Walnut Hollow Products I used were the paints.


I used the Rustic Pallet, 14″ x 12″. This pallet is Rough-hewn pine with uneven slats. Beautiful knots add a rustic flare to the pallet.

I stared by finding the center of the middle slat. I used a pencil to mark the exact point.


Then using a 3/4 inch drill bit, I drilled through the point that I had marked.


I took some Americana “Khaki Tan” paint and added a lot of water. I painted the whole piece with the very watered down mixture- except for one slat.


I used Americana Vivid Violet to cover the unpainted slat. I did not water this down at all- I wanted it to be as Vivid as Violet gets.


I then attached a Walnut Hollow Clock Movement and my favorite Clock Hands according to the instructions included in the packages.


This clock was really simple to make. I would highly recommend it to any beginner crafter or DIY enthusiast. I think it turned out really well!