By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Get yours here: http://www.walnuthollow.com/store/wood-surfaces/diy-delivery/star 1

It is wonderful to celebrate our Independence each year. And this is a perfect project to create to decorate for that Celebration or for year-round home decor!

IMG_4564 copy

We’ve made it very easy to have your project supplies delivered directly to your home and ready for you to begin creating. I also used the supplies to make the project two different ways – so pick the one you prefer and get started.

To create the Star String Art project, paint two Rustic Pallet slats with DecoArt® Americana® Light Buttermilk and two slats Tuscan Red using the foam brush. Position the star paper pattern (included in your DIY Delivery Box) on the Pallet and tape in place. Use a hammer to attach the Gold Stake Nails around the outside edges of the paper pattern.



Now you are ready to “string”. Tie a knot with Indigo cotton yarn on one nail. Begin stringing the yarn, wrapping around a nail before going to the next nail. String around the star randomly.

After filling in the star with as much yarn as you wish, use scissors to cut the yarn and tie off with a knot on one of the nails.

Star 2

For the Vintage Star String Art version, use the foam brush to paint all the Rustic Pallet slats with Tuscan Red. Once it is thoroughly dry, used sandpaper – actually, an electric sander is easier, if you have one – to create a worn or vintage look by sanding all slat tops and edges.



Position the star paper pattern on the Pallet and tape in place. Use a hammer to attach the Nails at the points of the star only – you’ll use just 5 nails.

String the star using the Indigo cotton yarn, but only wrap around the nails 6-7 times, then cut with scissors and tie off.

If you get your DIY Delivery Star Sting Art soon, you’ll be decorating in plenty of time before the July 4th Celebrations begin!

Get yours here: http://www.walnuthollow.com/store/wood-surfaces/diy-delivery/


Bark Edge Chalkboard

by Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Chalkboard-anything is the big DIY project idea currently buzzing around. You can basically turn anything into a chalkboard as long as you can paint it – and it is sooooo easy!


Everything comes in your DIY Delivery Box. You have 2 Walnut Hollow Rustic Basswood Bark Edged Rounds, DecoArt® American® Chalkboard Paint™, a Marvy Bistro White Chalk Marker, a foam brush, a piece of chalk, 2 sawtooth hangers with 4 small screws and written instructions with inspiration ideas. So, you are set to go!

First coatsecond coat

Start by reading the instructions on the DecoArt® Chalkboard Paint bottle – which will tell you to paint 2 coats onto your project. One coat will be painted horizontally, one coat vertically. Apply the first coat using the foam brush onto the Bark Edge Round and wait for one hour drying time. The 2nd coat goes on, this time brushed the opposite direction onto the Bark Edge Round and you wait for 24 hours for the Chalkboard Paint to cure.

rub chalkwipe off

After 24 hours, rub regular chalk over the entire surface, then wipe off with a paper towel.

using chalk marker

That’s it! You’re ready to make a list, a sign, etc. using the Bistro Chalk Ink Marker.

Note: To remove the message and make another, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off the Chalk Ink. We have also used Windex wipes in a little pouch. Once the old message is “erased”, you are ready to use your Bark Edge Chalkboard again.

Here are Different Ideas for Using your Chalkboards!

chalkboard Bride and Groom Signs

Chalkboard Grocery List Walnut Hollow

Chalkboard Snack Tray