Wooden Winter Wonderland Porch Decor

Winter is quickly approaching, so it’s time to change out my seasonal porch decor. I created a whimsical colorful Winter wonderland using Walnut Hollow Large Snowmen, Rustic Sled, Open Stars, and Rustic Stars. I used DecoArt paints and chalkboard coating to decorate … Continue reading

Day of the Dead Painted Wood Sugar Skulls Trio

Day of the Dead is rapidly approaching. To prepare, I created a painted wood sugar skull trio, for my front porch. I love bright and colorful decorations for Day of the Dead. This is a great piece of home decor, … Continue reading

Christmas Pallet

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Christmas PalletNeed to decorate a small area in your home? Don’t have a mantel to hang those Christmas stockings? Well, there might be other reasons you need to make this. 40180Starting with a raw Pallet, basecoat – every other slat – with DecoArt® Americana® Tuscan Red, using a large flat brush.  The other 2 slats are basecoated using the large flat brush and Holly Green (DecoArt® Americana®).

Once the paint is thoroughly dry, use a medium-coarse sanding block or an electric sander to sand the edges of the Pallet for a vintage or worn look.


I used a 2” alphabet stencil to trace the letters “M-E-R-R-Y” with a pencil onto the Pallet. I used chalk to hand-letter the word “Christmas”.  Use DecoArt® Americana® Light Buttermilk with a medium flat brush to paint the stencil letters.

Use a medium roung brush to paint “Christmas” with Light Buttermilk. Thin the paint with water to make it easier for paint to flow off the brush as you paint the letters.

IMG_2336IMG_2335Drill holes from the back for each knob with the appropriate size bit for your knobs. Attach knobs.

Now you are ready to hang anything – small decorations, stockings, etc.