Vintage Inspired Wood Ornaments

My favorite gifts to give are always handmade, but especially ornaments. I used vintage 1950s glass ornaments as inspiration for my wood ornaments. Walnut Hollow has several thin plaques that are great for lightweight oversized ornaments. I used several Marrakesh Thin … Continue reading

Vintage Chic Purse and Key Plaque

Marie is a friend and wonderful artist and designer. I asked her to do her magic on one of our new Modern Plaques and she chose the Marrakesh Plaque. I think you will agree with all of us here at Walnut Hollow that Marie’s design work is simply beautiful.Image

Vintage Chic Purse and Key Plaque
Designed by Marie Browning for Walnut Hollow®

This fancy plaque is not only beautiful; it’s practical as well. Perfect to place your purse, scarf or keys on when you come through your door. Created in neural colors to go with a wide variety of decor hues.

  •  Walnut Hollow #39812 10.5” x 14” Marrakesh Plaque
  •  Decorative cardstock – neutral colors with a small pattern
  •  Acrylic paint – Sample used Americana Ivory
  •  Petroleum Jelly
  •  Sandpaper – 150 grit
  •  Steel wool
  •  Decoupage medium – matte finish
  •  Door handle backplate (sample used an antique backplate, you can alternately use a new one or a vintage reproduction easily found in hardware outlets)
  •  Cabinet knobs – sample used one brass know and two crystal knobs.
  •  Metal flourish embellishments
  •  Flat-backed rhinestones
  •  Rhinestone flourish embellishments
  •  White glue
  • Silk ribbon

Create the Background

Add any hanging hardware to the back of the plaque before decorating.

Paint the plaque with the Ivory acrylic paint. Let dry.

Cut and attach the cardstock to the plaque using the decoupage medium. Leave a 3/4” to 1” edge all around. Apply a top coating of the decoupage medium and let dry.


Apply the petroleum jelly to the painted edge and 3/4” into the paper. Paint over the petroleum jelly and let dry. The petroleum jelly acts like a resist, and when dry and sanded, gives you a nice weathered distressed surface to the edge of the paper and the painted wood.  Rub any excess petroleum jelly off with a soft cloth.

ImageTo soften the effect, drybrush the acrylic ivory paint around the edge.


Prepare the Hardware

Paint all the metal pieces; the backplate, metal embellishments, hooks and screws with the Ivory acrylic paint.


When dry, rub with the steel wool to create the distressed vintage look.


Attach all the hardware to the plaque.

Using the white glue, attach the rhinestones and the rhinestone flourishes to the plaque.

Finish with a silk bow tied around the center knob.