Father’s Day Wood Burned USA Road Trip Map

For Father’s Day, I created a wood burned USA road trip map for my husband. We have been on many road trips as a family. From short day trips, to days long driving with many overnight stops, we love to … Continue reading

Mixed Media Classes on CreativeLive this week with Stephenie Hamen

We are so excited to share with you that Stephenie Hamen of The Vintage Prairie is teaching at CreativeLive this week! She’s sharing four classes over the course of several days, live broadcast online from the CreativeLive studios in San Francisco, CA. … Continue reading

Life is too short…

Today is the last day of Walnut Hollow’s Blog Hop with Ice Resin!

We had so much fun working with Ice Resin and their designers. Here are links to ALL of the blog hop projects-


Walnut Hollow – Sara Shirman

Ice Resin – Tatiana Allen


Walnut Hollow – Chris Wallace (Right Here!)

Ice Resin – Candy Rosenberg

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Life is too short… By Chris Wallace:Ice Resin Project

My friend, Cheryl, says this and it is so true! I thought about her as I created this fun project for our Blog Hop with ICE Resin.

I’ve only used ICE Resin products for a short time, but they are so easy to use and you don’t need to be an expert or be afraid to jump in and give them a try. There are great instructions for the products on their website (http://www.iceresin.com/how_to/), so check it out and just do it! I did view their instructions about using ICE Resin on paper because I was using paper in my design.


Our Wood Panels are reversible. I chose to use the back side so my piece would be “framed”.


base and weathered spa blue cracks

I wanted to crackle the frame, so after choosing the K & Company Designer Series papers for inside the frame and inside the ICE Resin Bezels, I picked DecoArt® Americana Bahama Blue for the color you would see behind the cracks. (http://www.decoart.com/)

After the basecoat was dry, I followed the instructions on the back of the Weathered Wood bottle and applied one even coat to the piece. When the Weathered Wood was dry, I applied the top coat of Spa Blue and watched it crack!

antique varnish

I didn’t glue anything yet, but laid the papers inside so I could see where I wanted to antique the papers and the frame using Staz-On Timber Brown Ink. I added Ink to the Prima flower so it would look a little tattered also. Once the ink was dry, I varnished the frame with DecoArt DuraClear Satin Varnish. I used a large brush and was careful to quickly varnish by laying down one medium coat of varnish so I wasn’t continually brushing back and forth on the crackle. If you keep brushing the varnish over the crackle, you can re-activate the process – you don’t want to do that!


I used a rubber stamp (Sing like no one’s listening by Susan Winget – Inkadinkadoo) and Timber Brown to stamp the image.

with foam

I used Fiskars scissors to shadow-cut the stamped imaged and to cut a piece of foam core board to use later on the back of the image to add a raise layer inside the frame.


I used three small wooden birds by Prima Marketing (http://www.primamarketinginc.com/) and added color with Staz-On Teal Blue and Olive Green using a cotton swab. These birds fit perfectly inside the ICE Resin Bezels. I cut a Tombow Power Tab (http://tombowusa.com/craft/adhesives/new-power-tabs.html) into four pieces and used one small piece for each bird to attach to the paper cut to fit each Bezel.


I used Tombow XTREME adhesive to attach the 5” x 7” paper inside the frame and the saying onto a strip of paper and then onto the paper inside the frame.

Ice resin

plastic bag (1) bezels

So now to the fun part……… I mixed the ICE Resin in a small cup according to the instructions. Working on a plastic bag, I used gloves and a sponge to add the Resin to the stamped image on the paper.

I filled in the Bezels with ICE Resin….

resin 1 resin 2

Then poured ICE Resin inside the frame and worked it all around the bottom covering everything and let it soak into the paper. Everything covered in Resin was able to dry over the weekend.

foam tabs

To prepare everything to attach to the frame, I used Tombow’s XTREME Adhesive to attach the Resin-covered paper to the foam core and Tombow Power Tabs to the back of the foam core board and each Bezel.

with image pearl chain

The stamped image was placed inside the frame. I really like the pearl chain ICE Resin has and I attached the chain onto the Bezel on the far left then cut the chain the length I needed and nailed it with a small nail to the frame.

Adhere the Bezels and flower in place and it is complete.

Thanks ICE Resin – we love your products! Now go see what Candy Rosenberg created!

Fresh As A Daisy Modern Clock

Last week you saw a pretty funky graffiti clock made using our new Square Modern Clock surface. Today I thought it would be interesting to see the same surface tamed down a bit to show you a very simple, fresh and bright look. A huge difference from the fun graffiti version!


First you need to choose the paper you want to use – that will determine the color you pick to basecoat the Modern Square Clock surface. I used one of the Que Sera Sera papers from K & Company. I chose DecoArt Americana Hauser Light Green to basecoat the entire clock surface to match the paper. 


Use scallop scissors (mine are from Fiskars) to cut the edge of the paper to fit inside the veined center area. To find where to cut the paper, I place the paper over the clock and use both hands to work my fingers into the veining, pressing the paper all the way around. You’ll be able to see where you need to cut by doing this step. Remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect – or people won’t realize that it’s handmade! Well, that’s my version of the deal and I’m stickin’ to it…


Use Tombow’s MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to adhere the paper to the painted wood surface.  Be careful when you are choosing your glue – it really is best to use the Tombow glue because it will not eventually “bubble” – trust me, other glues will “bubble”,  which is not a good thing.

Power Tabs from Tombow are great to adhere the paper flowers in each corner of the clock. Cut the Tabs while they are still on the paper surface when you don’t need the whole Tab for smaller flowers.

add power tab 

adhere flowers

The numbers in the 3 pc Clock Kit for ¾” surfaces have an adhesive already on the back of each number. I only used the 12 – 3 – 6 and 9 for this clock. Of course, you could use all the numbers if you prefer. Just press them in place over the paper.


Use a pencil to poke through the paper from the back of clock through the hole. Press the paper through the hole to the front and snip the paper out with a pair of small scissors. You’ll find illustrated instructions on the back of the packaging to attach the clock movement. Just follow along and add one AA battery to the movement. Set the hands to the correct time and you’re ready to hang the clock on the wall.

insert movement

This clock is so easy to make – it certainly would make a great gift for a friend!

Take Flight Wall Art by Marie Browning

Once again our friend, Marie, has done an outstanding job designing on one of Walnut Hollow’s new basswood surfaces. The Silhouette Plaques include a circle and square as well as the bird featured in Marie’s mixed media creation.


This mixed media plaque mixes decoupage, beadwork, and color washing to create a decorative bird themed art plaque. The bird silhouette plaque is ready-made, smooth and a perfect surface for all these techniques.


  • Walnut Hollow #39745 9” x 12” Silhouette Bird Plaque
  •  Book pages
  •  Bleeding tissue paper – blue hues
  •  Decorative cardstock – black and white patterned
  •  Black dye inkpad, clean, dry stencil brush
  •  Acrylic paint – Sample used Americana Colors Honey Brown, Burnt Orange and Medium Flesh
  •  Acrylic Extender medium
  •  Sandpaper – 150 grit
  •  Decoupage medium – matte finish
  •  Twigs
  •  1/2” finishing nails
  •  Plastic Egg
  •  Natural colored excelsior or Spanish moss
  •  White glue
  •  Beads – various sizes, matching colors
  • Wing charms

Create the Background

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.17.09 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.17.18 PM

 Add any hanging hardware to the back of the plaque before decorating.

Tear the book pages into large pieces and decoupage them to the plaque. Try to find a book that reflects your theme, for example, the sample used a book on birds that adds a few illustrations to the background. Don’t worry about creating wrinkles in the pages, they will add an interesting texture. Apply a coat of decoupage medium to the top and let dry.

When dry, sand the edges smooth around the edge and the inside of the cut bird.

Pour out the acrylic colors onto your palette. Add the extender to the colors in a 50/50 mix. Mix well to create a translucent glaze.  Apply the colored glaze to the background, slapping the colors on randomly. You should still be able to see the print under the glaze. Let the surface dry.

With the sandpaper, sand the surface to reveal the wrinkled texture and create an interesting background.

Prepare the Tissue Paper Pieces

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.18.41 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.18.51 PM

Tear the bleeding tissue paper into 3 to 4” pieces. Layer the different colors on a piece of white paper and spritz with water. Let dry completely. When dry, the tissue paper colors have run together and created very interesting muted colors with a subtle design.

Cut the flying bird from the tissue paper  (you can cut through many layers at once) and decoupage onto your surface using the decoupage medium. You can also cut and decoupage the larger birds on with the tissue paper to create a shadow in the final piece.

I also generated some text on the computer, printed it out and decoupaged it to the surface. You can alternately use stamped or stickers to add a saying or journaling.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.19.09 PM

Decoupage on Bird Silhouettes

Use the bird patterns and cut out the birds from the decorative paper. Distress all the edges on the bird using the black ink pad and a stencil brush. Decoupage the birds in place using the decoupage medium. Paint the edges around the surface and the inside of the cut bird using the Burnt Orange acrylic paint. When dry, apply a finishing coat of the decoupage medium over the entire surface and edges. Let dry completely.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.21.44 PM

Finishing Touches

Hammer the twigs in place using the finishing nails. Pour a little white glue over the excelsior and mix in with your fingers. Place the excelsior inside the bird cutout and nestle the plastic egg in the excelsior. Let dry. If needed, add more white glue to make the nest and egg secure.

Thread the beads onto jewelry wire and add the charms to the ends. Drape the beads over the twigs and secure where needed with finishing nails.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 4.21.36 PM