Egg Sign

We invited our friend and terrific designer, Judi Kauffman to be our Guest Designer for today’s Blog. Enjoy!

Rustic Pallet – Egg Sign

By Judi Kauffman for Walnut Hollow


I’ve been collecting egg cups for a long time. I put them to use in the studio, filling each one with beads or brads, and on occasion I take them to the kitchen and use them as intended – to hold soft boiled eggs. As soon as I saw Walnut Hollow’s Rustic Pallet Tabletop Signs, I knew just what to do: Combine the sign with some egg stencils and create a double-duty project.

Tabletop Signs come in two sizes, #40189 Narrow (measuring 11″ wide) and #40187 (measuring 18.75″ wide). I chose the Narrow for my project so that I can transport a small number of egg cups from their usual spot on a shelf to my work table where space is always at a premium. If I were making a Tabletop Sign that would get used for Easter brunches and such, I would have picked the longer one.

This is the Tabletop Sign, Narrow –

40189 side 2

Here is the longer version – Tabletop Sign –


Walnut Hollow: Rustic Pallet Tabletop Sign Narrow #40189

StencilGirl Products: stencils by Tracie Lyn Huskamp #S021 Eggs Speckled, #5043 Eggs Large & Small

DecoArt: Americana Acrylics in Traditional Burnt Umber, Snow (Titanium) White, Ebony (Lamp) Black; Matte Medium

Tsukineko: StazOn inks in Timber Brown, Jet Black; StazOn All-Purpose Cleaner

Elizabeth Craft Designs: White Iris Shimmer Sheetz; Transparent double-sided Sheet

Other: Sponge dauber, paintbrush, scissors


1. Whitewash the Tabletop Sign with 50-50 mix of Snow (Titanium) White and Matte Medium. Allow to dry.

2. Using an almost dry brush and very little paint, distress the edges of the Tabletop Sign with Traditional Burnt Umber and Ebony (Lamp) Black.


egg2 3. Cover your work surface with several layers of newspaper or newsprint to protect it. (Be aware that StazOn inks are permanent and can stain your hands, so wear gloves if you just got a manicure!) Place Shimmer Sheetz on the paper and stencil the eggs, following steps #4 and 5. Allow ink to dry thoroughly after each of these steps (the time needed depends on climate and how much ink you daubed onto the Shimmer Sheetz).


4. Egg stencils are 2-step – the basic egg shape, and the speckles – and each stencil has speckle patterns for each egg. Using the first part of the stencil and a dauber to apply Timber Brown ink, stencil the basic egg shape for 5 large and 3 small eggs. Vary the eggs so that some are darker than others. To create the illusion of volume, use more ink at the edges and toward the bottom. Allow ink to dry.

5. Using the second part of the stencil and a dauber to apply Jet Black ink, add speckles to the eggs. Vary the eggs so that some of the speckles are darker than others.

6. Back the eggs with double-sided adhesive sheet. Carefully cut out each egg. Arrange the eggs on the Tabletop Sign as shown, or as you prefer.


7. Options: Instead of brown, black and white eggs, choose other colors (yellow, gold, robin’s egg blue). Instead of a whitewashed Tabletop Sign, pick colors that better suit your taste and décor.

Now Santa Knows

North Pole

Santa will certainly be able to find our home this year! He lives so far away……….didn’t realize it was 3,250 miles away until I did the math, which is based upon us living in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.


40459I used (2) 36” Stakes to hold up the Wide Rustic Arrow Pallet sign.  Can’t wait to put it in our front yard – the stakes will help it stay above the snow so Santa can see it!

White Krylon spray was used to easily basecoat the Arrow. Once dry, I used DecoArt’s Clear Chalkboard brush on paint so I could use Uchida’s Chalk Markers.

chalk markers

The Clear Chalkboard paint is really great because you can turn anything into a surface to use the Chalk Markers which can be wiped off and used again.

our home

holly and berries



I used the red Chalk Marker for the lettering, stitch border, and berries. The green Chalk marker was used for the holly. Use the white Chalk Marker for the final added touch of snowflakes.

Figuring out how far Santa was from Dodgeville became a math problem. “Google” can help you find the distance from your home. Merry Christmas!