Walnut Hollow/Tombow Blog Hop Day 4

Today is Day 4 of sharing projects and ideas using Tombow® products. We are also having a week-long contest with the grand prize of products from Tombow and Walnut Hollow.


To put your name in the basket, you will need to do two things:

  1. Leave a comment here on our Blog. The more days you comment the more chances you have to win!
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Each day we will randomly choose a finalist and choose a winner from those finalists on the last day. The winner will be announced here at 1:00 pm (CST) Monday, May 6th.

We’re sending a special thank you to Tombow for asking us to play and create with them!

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Tombow & Walnut Hollow

Message Board

When we designed this wood piece, I loved it from the beginning. I’m a list maker! I like writing things down so I don’t have to remember all of the “things”. And, of course, chalkboards are so trendy  and really easy to make and use. It didn’t take too many items to create this handy Message Board.

Project photo


I started this simple project by using a large flat brush to basecoat the entire Message Board with 1 coat of DecoArt® Americana® Indian Turquoise acrylic paint. I lightly sanded the Board after it was dry with fine sandpaper.

Tape off the area you want for the chalkboard.  Use your fingers to really press the tape down as securely as possible so you won’t have any paint leak under the tape. I used 2 coats Martha Stewart’s Black Chalkboard paint inside the taped area.  If any paint does leak, use a small liner brush to go back and paint over the leak with the Indian Turquoise acrylic paint. Following the directions on the Chalkboard paint, let it dry 24 hours. Rub the surface with chalk to condition it.

Just chalkboard

Measure and cut your decorative cardstock with a paper trimmer to place under the notepad space. Now this is where you want to be sure to use Tombow’s MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to glue the paper down to the surface.

Aqua Glue

Believe me, I’ve used lots of different glues to adhere paper to our wood surfaces. Nothing works better than this Tombow glue!


For whatever reason, other glues will eventually ripple the paper or create bubbles under the paper. Use the larger end of the Aqua Glue applicators and apply it to the back of the cardstock. Flip over and press in place on the Message Board. Let dry thoroughly.

I used the Tombow Fasterner Tabs to attach the notepad in place. Once you have used up that pad, just add another Tab to the new notepad and press in place. Hang your Message Board and start your lists!

Fastener Tabs

Adding the notepad