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Letters & Numbers

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow


40351 &

40416 &





A few Blogs ago I talked about some products we have at Walnut Hollow and the differences and similarities. I thought I would do that again – this time with our Letters & Numbers.  Because people have always liked to personalize craft projects and individual letters and numbers are so popular – they are all over Pinterest – it might be a good idea to show you what is available. We have 3 different sizes.

14302-letter C

14329-number 4


Let’s begin with the smallest. They are 1 ½” and are laser cut. They are thin (.15”), made from plywood and come 2 in a package with edges that are brownish because of the way they are cut.  We have the alphabet, numbers 0-9, an ampersand and a punctuation package with bars, commas, period and asterisks.

40168 You is Sign Board

I like that they are on the small size and fit perfectly on our Rustic Pallet items. Here, I used them for a quote by the fictional character in The Help, Aibileen Clark.

26239 H40351 &

These are our 5” letters. They are made from pine and are ¾” thick – so they will stand on a flat surface.  We have the alphabet and ampersand in this size. They are perfect for painting, staining, decoupage, glitter, buttons, wood burning, stamping and adding other embellishments.

E Plaque

This is a great project made with the 5” letter and a Wood Panel (we used the reversed side that is like a frame) for Ethan’s Room – you can tell that he loves cars!

40412 W40416 &

The third set of letters are 18”. They are made from Baltic Birch and are ½” thick. Each letter includes one or two keyholes so they can hang flush on a wall. We have the alphabet and ampersand in this size also – perfect for personalized home décor, wedding décor and fun mixed media projects.


I sprayed these 18” letters with Krylon® Chalkboard Spray and decorated them with the Marvy/Uchida® Bistro Chalk Markers. They were fun and easy to make and Sara and Kenny loved them in their home.

Hope that helps to clarify any questions about our Letters & Numbers – they are all great to use for your crafting and Pinterest projects!





Burlap Serving Tray

by Chris Wallace


Every project you make doesn’t need to take hours and hours to complete. In fact, some of the best ideas are really quite simple – this Burlap Serving Tray is one of them!

3580 serving tray

I started with a raw tray – and it stayed that way. No need to paint, stain or anything. I used Canvas Corp burlap, cut to size for the bottom and both long sides of the Tray. Use Tombow® MONO Multi Liquid Glue to keep it in place.

attach burlap

wrap handle

I thought that the tray needed something more – maybe the handle. So, I wrapped each handle with a black waxed linen-type twine. It looked good and was easy to do. inside

I wanted the Tray to be functional too.  I didn’t think that the burlap would wear very well if the tray was used for serving food and/or drinks. The solution came with the idea of placing a piece of plexiglass in the bottom of the Tray! Our local hardware store cut the piece to fit the bottom of the tray and drilled a small hole in each corner. We added a screws to hold the plexiglass onto the bottom of the Tray.

Done! Easy? Of course!