BFF Rustic Frame

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

My BFF and I meet when we were 10 years old. We’ve been fortunate enough to be friends for many, many years. It was fun to remember the things we’ve done while I was wood burning this frame – however, this is not us in the photo!

IMG_2382I used the Rustic Frame and this stencil – I don’t know what company made it because I don’t have the packaging anymore. Sorry.  I used a pencil to trace the words I wanted to use onto the frame. The wood is rough (remember it’s a Rustic Frame!) but it’s really easy to wood burn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used the Creative Woodburner® Value Pen for this project. After reading all instructions on the package, attach the Cone Point on the hot tool using pliers. Secure the tool stand to your work surface with tape. Place the Value Pen on the stand and plug into an electric outlet, flip the switch “ON” to heat for 4-5 minutes.


I used the Cone Point to outline all the words. For thicker words, remove the Cone Point with pliers and drop it into a ceramic dish or mug. Use the pliers to attach the Flow Point to fill in each letter. When you have completed all of the wood burning, flip the switch to “OFF” and let cool.

I used a Tombow® Xtreme adhesive tape runner to adhere the photo onto a heavy piece of cardstock or poster board.  Use Xtreme to adhere the prepared photo onto the back of the Frame.

This is a great gift for your BFF – make two and you can keep one for yourself!

Fox Chapel Open House

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow


We partner with Fox Chapel Publishing in the Craft and Hobby Industry. They invited us to come to their Open House held earlier this May in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fox Chapel publishes many types of wood crafting books and magazines, including those about Pyrography or Wood Burning, as it is known at Walnut Hollow.  We were asked to demonstrate wood burning for the attendees.





The event was held at the Rough & Tumble Historical Association, Inc. An Engineers Historical organization, it is a Museum ) on 33 acres of land. The country side is simply beautiful.


The Museum is filled with old agricultural and industrial machines. I’m a city girl – I saw things I’ve never seen in my life! There was even an old locomotive (with a really loud whistle!!!) and cars to carry people around on the tracks to see various buildings and antique equipment.


Besides demonstrations and Make & Takes for various types of wood crafts, they held classes and also had books and supplies for sale. Fox Chapel publishes the very popular Zentangle® books. There were tables set up for attendees to also try their hand at Zentangle activities.


We were set up in a large equipment building. It’s so fun to see all the wood workers and the beautiful things they make by using lathes, carving with hand tools, and some were even using chain saws for larger carving.

Local folks and people from surrounding states came for the 2 day event. It was so fun to chat with people of all ages interested in working with their hands and creating things with various types of wood.

Thanks, Fox Chapel Publishing! I had a great time, but I don’t miss the locomotive whistle at all……….

For My “Friend”

Thin Modern Plaque Sign

One of the most important concepts in our lives revolves around this word – “Friend”. Everyone wants to have a friend or to be a friend.  I would have a hard time believing that anyone didn’t care to have or to be a friend. Sometimes you get really lucky and you have more than one!

Artists, crafters and people looking for a new hobby have more recently become interested again in wood burning or pyrography. However, everyone cannot draw, so we like to recommend stencils or rubber stamps for design ideas for wood burning. I saw this beautiful rubber stamp made by Hero Arts – it’s one of their cling stamps – and thought it would be perfect for wood burning a present for a “Friend”.



This time I used the Hot Marks Tool ( It heats to 750° which is hot enough to burn wood, leather and/or paper. I used a Monogram Thin Plaque for the project (

stamp image

When planning to wood burn a stamped design, you’ll need to use a light colored stamping ink on raw wood. You’ll want to be able to see the image, but it should not be too dark. Do not apply anything (like wood sealer or acrylic paint) to the wood prior to stamping the image. You’ll cover most of the lines with the wood burning, but some might show. Some inks run or bleed on raw wood – but Staz-On does not. I used Mustard to stamp this image.

Make sure you read all the manufacturer’s instructions found inside the Hot Marks packaging. Use pliers to secure the Mini Flow Point onto the Tool. Secure the Tool Stand to your work surface with tape and place the Tool on the Stand. Plug into an electric outlet, turn switch “ON” and heat for 4-5 minutes.


With the Mini Flow Point attached, you simply hold the Tool like a writing pen and burn the lines on the image.

Remember to hold the Tool, not too tightly, and let the heat of the Tool do the work. The longer the Point is on the surface, the deeper the burn on the wood. Practice by writing your name or doodling some lines on the back of your project or on a scrap of wood before working on your actual project. Practice a little and each time you wood burn it just gets easier and easier.  If there are stamped lines that are very small, you do not need to wood burn every bit of that image, just the lines that create most of the image are just fine. You will be adding color to the wood burning also, so you won’t see any stamped lines that are not wood burned anyway.

remove pointflower stamp

Once you have completed wood burning the stamped image, use the pliers to remove the Mini Flow Point and attach the Flower Stamp to the hot tool. 

hot stamping

Holding the Tool perpendicular to the wood surface, hot stamp the Flower image around the border of the Plaque. After all the Flowers are stamped, press the switch to “OFF” and place the Tool on the Stand to cool.


I used Tombow® Dual Brush Pens ( ) to add color to the wood burned design. I used the fine tip end of the Pens.

For a projective finish, spray the finished wood piece with 2-3 coats of varnish. Let this dry before wrapping baker’s twine around the edges to hang the Plaque on the wall.

Present your masterpiece to your “Friend” – he or she will love it simply because you made it just for them!