By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

We all live by some sort of rules, right? It’s fun to have rules for those who live together too – and they really can be very simple. Post those Rules somewhere so everyone can see them using a Rustic Pallet piece – this one measures 12” x 24”.

40171Start with the unfinished version and spray 1-2 coats of Krylon® Chalkboard Spray in Black to cover the front and back. Follow the directions on the can.

IMG_2367IMG_2366???????????????????????????????IMG_2364Rub regular chalk on each slat and remove with a paper towel or soft cloth. Now the slats have been conditioned to work better with the Marvy® Bistro Chalk Markers in many colors. Try different styles of hand lettering to create the “Rules”, each in a different color. Don’t forget to add some little “doodles” here and there.

Maybe you can have a prize each week for the family member who followed all the rules! Let me know who wins……