Rustic Wedding Sign


Is it just me, or are wedding décor ideas taking over Pinterest? It could be attributed to the 20,000 wedding boards that I follow… Or it could be a national epidemic? Regardless, a trend that I am particularly drawn to is “Rustic Style” wedding accessories. Walnut Hollow carries a lot of items (such as our Rustic Pallet Program and Basswood Country Rounds and Planks) that work very nicely with the Rustic and Shabby Chic wedding trends. They inspired me to create this Ceremony sign!

I wanted to showcase the Rustic Market Sign as Stylish Do-it-Yourself Signage for a Rustic Wedding.


I started by spraying the Rough-Hewn Pine with Krylon Gloss Ballet Slipper Spray Paint. I sprayed 2 coats. I liked the way that the natural knots in the wood were still visible through the paint.


Then I painted the stake with Americana Mississippi Mud. (Luckily, the mud in Mississippi is a beautiful shade of brown. Not like the mud up here in Wisconsin.)


I measured out some Simplicity Trim using the signboard as a guide in length.


Then I applied Aleene’s Fabric Fusion directly to the signboard and pressed the trim into place.



I found some more scraps of trim and added them for a little bit of extra embellishment. I liked the way the heavier trim looked around the border.

C8I applied the 1.5″ letters using Tombow 3D Foam Tabs. They were the perfect fit behind the wooden letters and added a little bit of dimension to the sign.



Using a hot glue gun, I applied some gorgeous Prima Flowers to the upper left and lower right corners of the sign.


I drew my arrow using a pencil then traced over it with a small paint brush and the same paint I used for the stake. I used a Gold Permapaque Opaque Pigment Marker to add some subtle sparkle to the arrow and to the stake.




And Voila! A Rustic Wedding sign!

Ceremony Sign

Where’s the CAKE?

Many Brides are using signs to help guests find the way to parking, ceremony location, reception area, etc. Why not the CAKE?

Our new Rustic Pallet Program includes a Rustic Market Sign great for lots of things – to identify plants in your vegetable garden, flowers in your flower garden or a “welcome” to visitors in your front yard.

raw sign

I created a simple CAKE sign pointing the way to the wedding cake. It’s reusable because you can wipe off the word “CAKE” if you use a piece of chalk or a chalk pen.

Finished sign

Begin the project, stain the stake part of the wood piece by adding water to DecoArt® Americana® Brown Velvet.


I always use the largest brush I have that fits the area for painting or staining anything.  I stained the entire stake with the thinned acrylic paint and let it dry. Use the same large brush to basecoat the sign area with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint – I used turquoise, rather than black.


Follow the directions on the bottle and let the second coat dry overnight. I didn’t rub chalk on the sign to “season” it because I was going to be using a chalk pen.

I used a couple of Tombow® Power Tabs to adhere the silk flower to the sign.

adhere flower

Because the Rustic Market Sign is quite rough, I wasn’t sure if the chalk pen would work or not. However, I think that using the chalk pen made the word on the sign more clear than if I had used a regular piece of chalk – it didn’t matter if the sign was rough or not!

chalkboard pen