Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Make this rustic wedding anniversary sign and it will fit right in with today’s rustic style weddings. Whether you make this for your own wedding, or give this to the happy couple, this rustic wedding sign will be a timeless and beautiful reminder of a very special day.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Rustic Wedding Style

One of the big design trends in weddings right now is anything rustic. I’ve always loved this style, and when I got married 10+ years ago, we held an outdoor wedding and incorporated several rustic elements to our ceremony and reception.

I’ve seen many rustic wedding anniversary signs on Pinterest, many with the wedding date on them. People have used small wood slices with their wedding date or name wood burned onto them as wedding favors or unique save the date magnets. I’ve seen large wood signs used in wedding announcement pictures, with the happy couple holding up a wood sign.

Today I’m showing you how you can create a wedding gift in this wonderful rustic style. This rustic wedding anniversary sign is just that: it can be used as a wedding gift, as a part of your wedding decor, or in my case as an anniversary gift for my husband and I to enjoy.


Check out this mason jar wood shape!

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

It’s a nice size and fits perfectly inside the shadow box.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Walnut Hollow products are made in the USA with a focus on the environment. (You can read about their commitment to the environment here.)

Walnut Hollow products are easy to customize with paint, wood burning, stain, mixed media techniques and whatever else you can think of, to create beautiful home decor, crafts, and art.

Here’s the HotStamps that I’m using: lowercase letters (below left) and the numbers (below right).

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect

Before using the HotStamps, it is really helpful to practice, practice, practice on scrap pieces of wood. I always try to use the same type of wood as what my project will be. For example, you can wood burn on several different types of Walnut Hollow surfaces such as pine, basswood, birch and more.

Here’s one of my lovely practice surfaces where I practiced my letters and numbers:

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

There are plenty of helpful videos on the Walnut Hollow YouTube Channel.

The main point I’ll make here is to make sure you gently rock the hot stamps to help you get the complete letter or number wood burned onto your surface.

If you look at my practice surface above, you’ll see that some of my “2” numbers weren’t completely wood burned (A). I wasn’t gently rocking the number hot stamp to help get a good imprint. If you look at the letter “a” you will see the opposite effect (B). I was pressing a bit too hard.

So it takes practice, but don’t stress about it! Part of the appeal of wood burning is that you have created it. You’ll see in my project today that some of my letters and numbers didn’t turn out 100% perfect. That’s ok. I’ll just continue practicing!

(And by the way, wood burning is so relaxing!)

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step One: Figure out the overall placement of words and designs on your mason jar shape.

I wanted to use our last name (Kuhlmann) along with our wedding date. I also wanted to wood burn a flower onto the mason jar.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step Two: Place your floral stencil where you want the wood burned design to be.

Hold the stencil in place with washi tape. (below left)

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Draw in the floral design lightly with a pencil. Remove the stencil. (above right)

Step Three: Using the Creative Versa-Tool and the Calligraphy Point, wood burn the floral design into the wood. 

First, I went over the flower design very lightly. Then I went back over it again to really make the flower pop!

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step Four: Using the Creative Versa-Tool and the HotStamps Alphabet Set, wood burn your last name onto the mason jar shape.

I began by stamping the first and last letters on each end, to help me keep the placement between letters more even.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Next, I began filling in the next letters from both ends of the name, again to keep the placement as even as possible.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step Five: Place your vine stencil below the wood burned last name and hold in place with washi tape. Just as you did with the floral stencil, use a pencil to lightly draw in the vine design onto the wood. Remove the stencil.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step Six: Wood burn the vine design. I wood burned the berries (dots) first, using the Creative Versa-Tool with the Flow Point attached. Then I switched to the Calligraphy Point to wood burn the rest of the design.

Step Seven: Using the Creative Versa-Tool and the HotStamps Numbers, wood burn your wedding date onto the mason jar shape, below the vine motif.

Step Eight: Using the Creative Versa-Tool with the Mini Flow Point, wood burn tiny dots along the top “jar rim” of the mason jar shape, as well as along the rim of the entire jar.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

I love the tiny dots you can make with the Mini Flow Point! I even added some dots to the center of the flower.

Here’s how the mason jar wood shape looks so far:

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step Nine: Using the pickling wash or stain or your choice, lightly stain the mason jar, except for the recessed grooves. 

With most pickling washes or stains, you apply it in small sections… (below left)

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

…then immediately wipe it off with a lint-free cloth. I use a white rag. (above right)

What is left is a very light wash of color, perfect for this rustic look.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Continue working in small sections and repeat this process for the main part of the mason jar shape. Set aside to dry.

Helpful tip: I’ve noticed when I use stain — or in this case, pickling wash — the color doesn’t cover up the dark wood burned areas like paint does, nor does it dilute the dark brown color of the burned wood.  This comes in handy when doing rustic style projects, such as this rustic wedding anniversary sign, as you want to see that lovely wood burned effect.

Step Ten: Paint the inside and outside of the Bark Edge Shadow Box with pickling wash or stain.

I used a driftwood color, to give the wood a nice weathered look. Set aside to dry.

The process was the same as I did in Step Nine.

Step Eleven: Using strong adhesive, attach small wood cubes to the inside of the shadow box. (You will attach the wood mason jar shape to these in the next step.)

Lay the shadow box flat to make this easy. Once I glued each of the pieces of wood in place, I put a small — but heavy — book on top to keep everything in place while it dried. (Follow package instructions for the drying/curing time of your chosen adhesive.)

Helpful tip: You can also use a small piece of scrap wood for this step. Just make sure whatever you use is small so that it isn’t visible underneath the jar. Another idea is to simply attach the mason jar shape onto the back of the shadow box itself.

Step Twelve: Wrap a piece of vintage seam binding or ribbon around the rim of the mason jar shape and tie a bow.

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Step Thirteen: Attach the mason jar shape to the wood pieces using strong adhesive.

I purposely wanted the mason jar to appear like it was floating in the middle of the shadow box.

Again, make this easy on yourself by keeping the shadow box laying flat while you glue, position, hold and let dry!

I placed a heavy book on top and left it that way overnight while the adhesive dried and cured.

The next morning, my rustic wedding anniversary sign was ready to display!

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Rustic Wedding Anniversary Sign

Whoo hoo! Walnut Hollow is having a fantastic sale right now on their wood burning supplies! Just click the image below — or click here — to head straight to the Wood Burning section of their website!

Walnut Hollow 20% off wood burning supplies, June 2 - 15, 2017!

You can also scroll back up (in this post) to see the exact supplies I used for this project.

If you need a good starting point — the Creative Versa-Tool is a really great tool to own, and it comes with several interchangeable points. (There is a helpful set of instructions on the Creative Versa-Tool page where you can click and see everything that is included.)

Happy crafting!

Laura of Pet Scribbles

I’m Laura, the creative mind behind Pet Scribbles, my blog where I share craft tutorials, home and garden projects, and occasional cat stories. I can never have enough pretty craft paints to work with, and I love to make things look time-worn with distressing and aging — especially wood projects both large and small. Stop by!

Life is Good

By Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow

Indeed…….Life is Good!

40255When you see the Hinged Sign in a craft store for purchase this is what it will look like. It’s covered with plastic wrap and includes a little label showing you it can be used 2 ways.Walnut-Hollow-Hinged-Sign

I have created 2 projects here to show you both ways.


The first project is a made to look like a little “sandwich board”.


Using DecoArt® Americana® Indian Turquoise acrylic paint with Americana® Clear Chalkboard paint over the top of it. When you apply the Clear Chalkboard coating over any acrylic paint it simply turns the surface into chalkboard. Great product!



Once all the paints were thoroughly dry, I adhered washi tape around the outside edges of the chalkboard area. Use a Marvy/Uchida® Bistro Chalk Marker to write any saying.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother way to use the Hinged Sign is standing on the side. It can be used in many ways, but this time I made it as a frame for pet photos.


Adhere decorative paper to the raw wood leaving a small frame of raw wood showing. Mount your photos onto a matching cardstock paper and adhere it to the decorative paper. Adding a few “X’s” and “O’s” makes a finishing touch of color and meaning to the photos. We love our pets!



Table Top Quilt Sign

If you are coming from Judi Kauffman’s post then you are in the right place! Thank you for following along with the Walnut Hollow®+ Ann Butler Designs™ Blog Hop!

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Quilt Sign Angled copy

I have never actually made a quilt- but I love the way that they look! I adore textiles and their unique patterns and colors. When I received the Ann Butler inks, paints and stamps I was really excited to make a “quilt like” project. There are several quilt makers in the Walnut Hollow office and I created this project for them! It would make a great addition to any quilter’s studio, sewing room or crafting space!

I started out with Walnut Hollow’s 5″ Wooden Letters and a 23″ Wide Name Signboard. I sprayed a base coat of Krylon ColorMaster White Primer.

1 Spray Wood White

I painted the edges of each letter using a different color of Earth Safe Finishes Ann Butler Designs Iridescents. The colors are bold and go on very smooth. They have a subtle shine that really enhanced the appearance of the paint when I applied it over the white base coat. It took 2 coats of each color to get a nice vivid hue.

2 Pick Colors for Painting

3 Paint Edges

4 Edges with Paint Color

When the Earth Safe Finishes Ann Butler Designs Iridescents was dry I picked out all of the 2″ square Ann Butler Designs Unity Stamps. I practiced stamping them with the Clearsnap® ColorBox® Crafter’s by Ann Butler. Once I was comfortable with the stamps and ink, I used random squares stamps to stamp onto my letters. I used all of the colors of the Clearsnap® ColorBox® Crafter’s by Ann Butler to create a “quilt like” pattern on all of my letters.

6 Start Stamping

7 Stamping

When my letters were all stamped I dried the ink with a heat gun.

8 Set Ink with Heat Gun

To prepare the base I taped off the top edge and pained the surface with Americana Chalkboard Paint. Apply using the manufacturers instructions.

5 Tape off edge of Plaque

I used a chalk ink marker to add some “stitching” to the chalkboard base.

8.5 Chalkboard

I arranged my letters where I wanted them on my Wide Name Signboard and marked the space with white chalk.

11 Mark Chalkboard

10 Adhere Letters

I used Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs to attach the letters to the base. The tabs are very strong and hold the letters on very well.

9 Arrange on Chalkboard


Quilt Sign

I love the way the sign turned out… now I just need to start quilting! 🙂

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Now Santa Knows

North Pole

Santa will certainly be able to find our home this year! He lives so far away……….didn’t realize it was 3,250 miles away until I did the math, which is based upon us living in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.


40459I used (2) 36” Stakes to hold up the Wide Rustic Arrow Pallet sign.  Can’t wait to put it in our front yard – the stakes will help it stay above the snow so Santa can see it!

White Krylon spray was used to easily basecoat the Arrow. Once dry, I used DecoArt’s Clear Chalkboard brush on paint so I could use Uchida’s Chalk Markers.

chalk markers

The Clear Chalkboard paint is really great because you can turn anything into a surface to use the Chalk Markers which can be wiped off and used again.

our home

holly and berries



I used the red Chalk Marker for the lettering, stitch border, and berries. The green Chalk marker was used for the holly. Use the white Chalk Marker for the final added touch of snowflakes.

Figuring out how far Santa was from Dodgeville became a math problem. “Google” can help you find the distance from your home. Merry Christmas!

Where’s the CAKE?

Many Brides are using signs to help guests find the way to parking, ceremony location, reception area, etc. Why not the CAKE?

Our new Rustic Pallet Program includes a Rustic Market Sign great for lots of things – to identify plants in your vegetable garden, flowers in your flower garden or a “welcome” to visitors in your front yard.

raw sign

I created a simple CAKE sign pointing the way to the wedding cake. It’s reusable because you can wipe off the word “CAKE” if you use a piece of chalk or a chalk pen.

Finished sign

Begin the project, stain the stake part of the wood piece by adding water to DecoArt® Americana® Brown Velvet.


I always use the largest brush I have that fits the area for painting or staining anything.  I stained the entire stake with the thinned acrylic paint and let it dry. Use the same large brush to basecoat the sign area with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint – I used turquoise, rather than black.


Follow the directions on the bottle and let the second coat dry overnight. I didn’t rub chalk on the sign to “season” it because I was going to be using a chalk pen.

I used a couple of Tombow® Power Tabs to adhere the silk flower to the sign.

adhere flower

Because the Rustic Market Sign is quite rough, I wasn’t sure if the chalk pen would work or not. However, I think that using the chalk pen made the word on the sign more clear than if I had used a regular piece of chalk – it didn’t matter if the sign was rough or not!

chalkboard pen