Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

How true! And if you love cherries, like I do, you find that life is great.

finished piece

I love our wood pieces with the silhouette cut-outs. They are fun to use with photos, embellishments or any added features. And this particular project was so simple and quick – again adding to the delight for the finished piece.


So, let’s get started. I misted the entire wood piece with Tattered Angels® Glimmer Mist Marmalade: . No need to seal the wood first, just mist and wait for it to quickly dry.


Next I choose the letters from the Color Magic chipboard sticker letters by Heidi Swapp to spell the quote. Rather than misting the letters with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Trunk Bay, I gently shook the bottle from side to side to distribute the “glimmer” and brushed with letters with a medium flat brush.


Once the letters were dry, I peeled them off the sheet and placed them on the dry Silhouette wood piece. I added the name of the author of the quote – Bob Fosse – with  Tim Holtz® plastic sticker letters.


I found a fun embellishment from Jennifer Heynen and used a screw eye to hang it in the square opening.

cherries and ribbon

Secure the screw eye in the square opening and tie the hanging cherries with a scrap of white ribbon.


So easy and so fun to make.

Modern Music Plaque

Modern Plaque Music Sign

Like many of you, I have always loved music. I like all kinds of music, with a couple of exceptions – not too fond of rap or heavy metal, but enjoy the rest of it. When I saw the Tim Holtz® tissue paper rolls, one featuring sheet music,  I knew I had to have it – along with his plastic sticker letters. Then everything just sort of all fell into place for the project I created.

We had originally created the larger Modern Plaques, then added the Thin Modern Plaques to the mix. They are great to use alone or together.


To decoupage the Savannah Modern Plaque, I used a large flat brush to apply a heavy application of Mod Podge to the Plaque. Tear off a piece of Music Tissue Paper to fit the Plaque (the tissue paper tears off like Saran Wrap or foil) and lay it onto the wet Mod Podge over the Plaque. Use scissors to quickly snip the tissue paper near each indentation of the scallop edge and smooth the paper with your fingers. I needed more paper to fill in the scalloped edges, so I cut smaller pieces of tissue to add where it was needed.

scalloped edge

Add another coat of Mod Podge over the top of the tissue paper and smooth everything with your fingers. This is messy, but really does the trick. Let the Plaque dry thoroughly.

Cover your work surface with paper and mist the Savannah Thin Plaque with Verdigris Glimmer Mist. Let dry.

glimmer mist

Once the Savannah Thin Plaque is dry, add the black plastic sticker letters. A trick I learned years ago – pencil the saying out on paper as you want it on your Plaque. Count the letters (including spaces) in each line. Divide the number by two – then count from the left to find the center letter or space of that line. Work away from center to the left and right. An example would be the line that reads “makes the world”. There are 15 letters and spaces. The center of the line would be the letter “h”. I place a ruler at the bottom of where I want the line and pressed the letter “h” in the center which is shown on my ruler. Then I pressed the “t”, then the “e” – and so on. So the spacing was good for each word and the line was as straight as I could get it.

adding letters

I added screw eyes on each side at the top of the larger Plaque then glued the Thin Plaque in place with MONO Multi Liquid Glue by Tombow®. I put black satin ribbon through the screw eyes and it was ready to hang once the glue on the Plaque was dry.

Don’t you agree?  MUSIC does make the world a better place! At least I think so…